For most people, bathrooms aren’t the most favorited parts in the house, especially when it comes to decorating. When inspecting our own bathrooms, we usually ensure that we have our essentials, but rarely do we think about how we can easily transform this space in the home into a place where we’d want to spend more time in. There are in fact, several reasons why fake plants are perfect for the bathroom and why you’d want to create your own inner sanctuary with the help of bright, verdant tones that will ease you in a spa-state of mind.

Fake And Artificial Trees Perfect For the Bathroom

Key Moments Are Spent in the Bathroom 

While we don’t realize how much time we spend in the bathroom, rarely do we take into consideration how the time spent in the bathroom is beneficial for the well-being. Imagine, we spend several moments every day reflecting: in the mirror to ensure we’re made-up and even in the bathtub soaking away the stress of our daily routines. And while these moments might be short - wouldn’t it be lovelier to start the morning brushing your teeth with something pretty to look at.  While we’ve mentioned in previous posts how plants can help improve your mental health, there’s no reason why an artificial replica wouldn’t help in the same way. And while the moments spent in the bathroom aren’t as long as those spent in the bedroom or kitchen - they are in fact key moments as the bathroom is technically where most of us start and end our day.  

Artificial succulents are a great addition to a bathroom. While we offer a wide range of fake succulents that can easily fill small spaces on the counter, don’t forget about an optional hanging version that can easily enhance vertical spaces. If you have the space for it, opt for an alluring artificial arrangement that can add a hint of elegance wherever displayed.

Fake And Artificial Plants Perfect For the Bathroom

Natural Relaxation  

If you’re a person who enjoys a long steam, relaxing amidst warm water and bubbles, then why not complement your leisurely baths with a few handsome (faux) plants. Scientific studies have shown how plants can easily shift one’s negative mental state into a positive one, so think, with every evergreen leaf and every blooming flower you’re actually eliminating and shaking off those long and laborious details of the day.    

Artificial floral arrangements are a great way of enhancing that positive-state-of-mind. While a bright, vivid arrangement can start your day with a smile, it also adds a splash of color to the environment.  If you lack surface spaces or have limited space, try hanging an artificial plant in the corner of the room or even an artificial wreath on the back of the bathroom door or over the toilet.  

Fake And Artificial Arrangements Perfect For the Bathroom

Low Maintenance Beauty 

For most people, bathrooms don’t usually contain windows, decreasing the amount of natural light that is required for living plants to flourish. Additionally, real plants don’t often hold up well to the chemicals often found in hair sprays, aerosol deodorants, perfumes and colognes. With artificial plants - worry not! As fake plants won’t be harmed by these chemicals nor require natural light, their lifelike beauty can be easily maintained with just the occasional cleansing.  

While a fake potted plant can provide a pop of color, an overgrowth of (fake) fern greenery can easily breathe life into the room. And while a hanging version can help you eliminate valuable counter space(s), a horizontal assortment of greenery can easily be showcased on the side of the tub or a window ledge.  

Fake And Artificial Hanging Plants Perfect For the Bathroom

For more inspiration on how to style artificial plants in your bathroom, head over to our Pinterest Board dedicate to Bathroom Greenery.


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