Artificial Hosta Plants | Fake Hosta Plants

Faux Hosta Plants


Hosta plants have large, wide dark green leaves with ecru edges. On the Nearly Natural website, these plants are part of our Real Touch line – and they are complete with a variegated color scheme and leaf shape. You can choose to purchase a set of six leaf “crowns” or to buy one 23-inch plant. These plants are native to China and are sometimes called plantain lilies. Their nickname may have been given because they are eaten in the same style as plantain plants. Their real name “Hosta” comes from the person who first found them – Croatian botanist Nicholas Host. Hosta plants symbolize devotion and friendship.

Wide and Generous Leaves

At Nearly Natural, we know artificial plants haven’t always had a reputation for high quality. In the past, most artificial botanicals may have had an unnatural appearance or texture. Unlike the tacky artificial plants of the past, our faux trees, plants, flowers and arrangements are designed by horticulturists to authentically replicate their natural counterparts. Before any of our items are shipped, they are inspected as part of our quality control program. They are also checked to be sure they have an authentic texture. It remains very important for us to provide you with quality faux greenery at a reasonable price.

Softly Sheltering Plants

Do you need ideas for how to utilize your silk botanicals from Nearly Natural? Wherever you place one of our fake trees, plants, flowers, or arrangements; they will look phenomenal. They will give the appearance of coming directly from nature and have the authentic feel of the real thing. So, how would it be best to use them? One new decorating trend is to take several plants of the same type, size and color and place them on visible surfaces in all your rooms. Although your family and guests may not realize it, this monochromatic theme will bring the aura of your home into harmony.

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