Desktop Christmas Trees

Artificial Desktop Trees


Buying an artificial Christmas tree has many advantages. For one: you’ll have a tree that lasts for many years. You won’t have to worry about a pile of shed needles on your floor. All our faux Christmas trees look authentically like their natural counterparts. Once the box arrives from Nearly Natural, you’ll find it easy to unpack and assemble. Some of our trees include winter “flocking” (fake snow); others include strings of Christmas lights. Still other Christmas trees contain pinecones or seasonal berries. We have fake trees in a full range of colors, so if a green tree is not your style, we offer several different colors.

Choose a Tree to Last Forever

Nearly Natural wants to be the place you think of when you need a special gift. When you want to buy a faux money plant for a friend starting a business, or a small bouquet of tiny-petalled flowers for a new baby girl. How about buying an olive tree for your friend who is starting an Italian restaurant, a lotus tree for a yoga lover, or a lovely bouquet of mixed fake flowers for your child’s teacher or Scout leader? Our beautiful authentic greenery is a gift appreciated and admired by everyone. Get one for yourself, while you’re at it - you deserve it!

The Finishing Touch to Your Holiday Decor

Do you have a long list of people to buy gifts for, but you are on a tight budget? You’re in luck! Nearly Natural crafts silk plants, trees, flowers and arrangements, and despite their innovative methods that make their greenery; their creations will fit any budget. You can be sure you will not only save money, but you’ll give a gift that will be an excellent replica of the item’s natural counterpart. All our merchandise is scrupulously inspected before it is shipped. Every one of our items is designed to be visually authentic, and each also has a texture that resembles the real thing.

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