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Silk Holly PLants

Holly is often associated with the winter holidays, but their bright red berries bring cheer to your home any time of the year. We have a few holiday arrangements with holly, but we also have swags and garlands with holly berries. The natural holly plant is resistant to lightning. In its native China, they call this plant “horned holly”, because of the horn-like shape of its leaves. The name of “holly” comes from the Old English word “holen” which means “holy tree.” The spiritual meaning of holly is peace and goodwill – which is probably why it has become associated with winter holidays.

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    At Nearly Natural, we have had 75 years to learn the preferences of our clients. We use our sales records to learn which types of trees, plants, flowers, and arrangements our clients buy most – and then we make sure those types of items are always in stock. We also expand our inventory by designing additional versions of the same types of trees – but, in different sizes. If you are new to Nearly Natural and want to know which of their artificial trees are their bestsellers, their selection of olive trees is the ones that usually lead the list in the number of sales.

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    Are you considering the purchase of a faux tree from Nearly Natural? You won’t be sorry if you do. When you envision adding a tree to your yard, the convenience of having a fully grown tree upon delivery rather than waiting for a seedling to grow can’t be ignored. Buying a silk tree that looks exactly like its natural counterpart gains you a valuable asset. Adding trees to your yard will bring units to your landscaping. Getting a pair of perfectly matched trees as welcome sentinels at your front door is a statement that your home is offering a hearty welcome to your family and friends.

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