Silk Ficus Trees

Our huge selection of artificial ficus trees can add perfectly accented spots of natural beauty anywhere you need it. Ranging from 44 inches to a towering 8 feet tall, the classic ficus can fill spaces with lush forest color without any maintenance required. Notoriously finicky plants to care for when alive, our trees will keep their dense foliage on the branches where they belong. We have indoor/outdoor options as well, with UV resistant and waterproof leaves, so they’ll fit in just as well on a patio as in an empty corner of your room. Also makes an ideal gift…everybody loves the look of a healthy ficus!

72 Products

6' Ficus Silk Tree
6’ Variegated Ficus Tree
4’ Oak Ficus Artificial Tree
7' Ficus Silk Tree
6.5’ Ficus Tree with Slate Planter UV Resistant (Indoor Outdoor)
6.5’ Deluxe Ficus Tree
6’ Ficus Artificial Tree
7.5' Ficus Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
5.5' Ficus Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
5' Ficus Bushy Silk Tree
6’ Capensia Ficus Tree x 3 w/1008 Lvs
8’ Ficus Tree w/1512 Lvs
6’ Ficus Artificial Tree in Decorative Planter
44” Ficus Tree w/Decorative Planter
6.5’ Ficus Artificial Tree
4' Ficus Silk Tree
5' Weeping Ficus Silk Tree
6' Ficus Artificial Topiary Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
6' Hawaiian Ficus Tree
7.5’ Variegated Mini Ficus Silk Tree