Silk Other Varieties Trees

Occasionally, we have a few artificial trees that defy categorization, and you’ll find them here. Dramatic yuccas, ethereal Japanese Maples, even the fabled lucky Money tree with its intricately braided trunk…if you don’t find the perfect artificial tree elsewhere on our site, check here. We’re always updating our inventory assortment with old classics or exotic rarities, so stay tuned!

179 Products

7’ Sakaki Silk Tree
7.5’ Lychee Silk Tree
Dracaena Artificial Tree in Slate Finished Planter
Bougainvillea Artificial Tree
2’ Cycas Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
Dracaena Artificial Tree in Sandstone Planter
5.5’ Money Artificial Tree in White Tower Planter (Real Touch)
6.5’ Dracaena Tree
4' Plumeria Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
6’ Dracaena Artificial Tree
5’ Money Tree in Black Square Planter
4’ Schefflera Silk Tree (Real Touch)
6' Smilax Silk Tree
64” Yucca Artificial Tree in Sand Colored Planter
Agave Artificial Plant in Marble Finish Pot
3’ Bonsai Styled Podocarpus Artificial Tree
5’ Money Artificial Tree in Slate Planter (Real Touch)
Slim Mango Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
Schefflera Artificial Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
58.5" Yucca Silk Tree