10 Christmas Tree Flower Decor Ideas & Tips

Bloom this holiday season with artificial Christmas tree decor sure to help you create those merry memories with the family. Why be traditional when you can stand out by adding colorful flowers throughout and soften any space today. We’re here to help you with our Christmas decorating tips that’ll please even the pickiest shopper. We know the holiday season can be stressful but we’re here to help you create the most vibrant Christmas tree with artificial flowers sure to be a hit during the holiday parties. Learn how to get the look with our tips below.

1. Fall Christmas Tree

Trick question: when do you decorate for the holidays? There’s no wrong or right answer! But, have you ever considered a fall Christmas tree to set the tone for the holidays? More and more people are taking note and mixing autumn decor with Christmas decor for a truly special sight. Our team of interior designers is here to share with you their fall Christmas tree tips. First, look for those fall hued colored silk flowers and consider hydrangeas.

2. Thanksgiving Tree

The fall tree is a great start for when you also want to have those cozy, fall-hues for Thanksgiving. Another great flower to capture the essence of the season is sunflowers, known for their vivid color, they make a statement in any space. Think about adding different types of flowers and a cornucopia on top for that Thanksgiving feel. Then after the feast or maybe the following day, you can begin decorating for Christmas.

3. Halloween Tree

Think beyond the traditional ghost tree! Be creative and spread hints of the season throughout. This can be little halloween ornaments, candy and more! Use white, black and other traditional colored ribbons. And for those wanting a bit of adventure, get inspired by Día de los Muertos colorful flower trees. This is a great idea for those wanting a hint of the South and vibrant colored flowers to liven any space.

4. Add a Flower on Top

We know that adding a tree topper is one of the most important elements when decorating a Christmas tree, but what about adding a big silk flower on top or a mini arrangement? Get a ribbon and tie the flowers on top so they don’t fall. This is easy and adds color.

5. Black Christmas Tree

We know that some of you might be a bit hesitant about going the non-traditional path of opting for a black Christmas tree, but this will make the flowers stand out against the backdrop of dark hues. Many people are going for different colored trees, because they are more fun to decorate, for example, think about how creative you can be with a black Christmas tree. Every color matches and it is elegant to look at. Choose a color pattern for your flowers and add that charm throughout.

6. Use Loose Stems

It goes without saying that you should look into going team faux when creating a flower tree. This is because decorating with real flowers is not sustainable as flowers cannot grow in this environment. Some blooms we love for the winter include: hydrangeas, berries, poinsettias and more. You can even add branches for a touch of rustic charm.

7. Mini Christmas Tree

We know that having multiple Christmas trees is always a plus. We’re guilty of this. One Christmas tree is not enough, is it two, three or more? Well, if you’d like to add a bit of holiday charm throughout the home, consider a mini Christmas tree for those spaces in need of that touch. Add some berries throughout for an added pop of color. This also makes for a great gift that’s budget-friendly and space-saving.

8. Contrasts of Colors

Because most people opt for a traditional, green Christmas tree, before you start shopping for silk flowers, consider picking a color scheme you’d want in your tree and which colors can create a contrast. For example, if you want the traditional red, white and black, these three colors blend well together and balance each other out. We also love how blue and white pair well together. Of course, stick to the colors you like!

9. Pick a Color Scheme

This tip goes alongside the next one, but to save time and money, first choose a color scheme you want for your space. This will help you stay consistent throughout for a well-thought of design. Many colors go well on Christmas trees, practically any color you desire. This is why Christmas decor is fun! It gives you a creative outlet to craft your dreamy tree that’s unique, no two decorations are the same.

10. Use Varying Types of Silk Flowers

One of the best ways to elevate your design is by using varying flowers of different sizes. You might have seen designer trees, but did you know, what makes them unique is their ability to create tricks on the eye through the use of space? By having different types of textures and spaces, you’re creating drama and contrasts with color. This is a great way to elevate your design by adding visual interest.

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