10 Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen Farmhouse Decor With Faux Plants

Did someone say farmhouse décor? As far as home aesthetics go, farmhouse keeps becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts worldwide with no signs of slowing down. One of the best ways to bring the essence of this style – is by decorating with natural elements found in the wild. For example, wooden touches are a staple and can enhance the look alongside artificial plants that require zero maintenance. Because the outdoor elements influence the farmhouse, it's crucial to add plants and trees when recreating the look. But the reality is that some people live busy lifestyles while others are not cut out to become plant parents. And that's okay. No shame in that. This is why fake plants offer the best of both worlds – a stress-free way to create the home of your dreams.

But faux plants get a bad rep, especially when we think of the days of yesteryear when artificial house plants served as tacky cesspools of dust. So forget about those days; that's where we come in. Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturist to revolutionize the artificial plant industry and design the most lifelike artificial greenery out there. We capture mother nature's beauty at every branch, stem, and leaf with attention to detail to ensure you have the most realistic artificial plants. Learn more about the secrets of interior designers and how to decorate your kitchen just like they do – especially in farmhouse-inspired spaces.

1. Measure the size of your space

One of the essential parts of any home décor project is getting the measurements of your space; think of this as the bible in home renovations and remodeling – getting this right will save you time and money. Nothing is worse than buying the wrong sized item, worse if remodels are involved and expensive construction costs. This is why we recommend measuring your space before purchasing any home décor piece. To do this, you will need a tape measurer to ensure you have the correct dimensions; you can buy it at any convenience or home store. Then take this number and look for faux trees in this range. For example, if your ceilings are 8', consider that the tallest tree you can buy should stay under 7.5' just if you'd like to add a planter that can bring the length a few inches taller.

2. Add hanging plants next to barn doors

Because we love the visual interest and flexibility of the barn door in specific spaces, why not enhance the look by adding some hanging plants nearby? Make sure you measure the width of the doors when they're opened, so you don't damage the artificial hanging plants. One of our favorite hanging plants for kitchens is the Geranium, but you can feel free to explore any of our top 15 indoor hanging plants.

Why we love the Geranium - An ideal piece of décor for the kitchen, this UV-resistant Geranium hanging basket will brighten any space—featuring deep red geranium blooms and a lush forest of greenery. It's UV resistant, so it's perfect for both indoors and out. It arrives complete with a hanging basket ready to fill your space with a smile.

3. Add some wall décor

We know kitchens can be tricky to decorate, especially in those amble areas with much space, but what about adding some rustic, farmhouse-inspired wall décor sure to brighten any bare corner in the house. We recommend adding to perhaps the pantry or another area that is difficult to decorate. Our favorite wall décor for this space is – farm to table because it brings the essence of the outdoors in – transform your space into a farmer's market today.

Why we love this wall décor piece - The farmhouse white-washed frame's simple coloring and neutral appearance will blend in well with any country-inspired styling in your home. With decorative black and white farmhouse-inspired pictures included, this piece comes in a set of two. Place them on any interior wall to experience the warmth of a country-side farmer's market-style decor.

4. Shape your new faux plant

Because nothing is fresher than faux green plants in the kitchen, feel as you're cooking outdoors and enjoy the calmness of nature while you cook up your favorite recipe. Why not tell the stories of those dishes alongside the flora that inspires them. Artificial house plants offer the solution of feeling this as you enjoy time with the ones you love but remember artificial faux plants must be shaped, and this is a great process where many feel closer to their surroundings. Follow these simple tips to learn how to shape like an interior designer:

  • Bend branches downward - Remember that the branches are bendable and can be manipulated to look certain; begin by pushing the leaves downwards.
  • Fluff out the leaves - After you bent the branches, go back and create a little more space by fluffing each leave in an alternative direction to create a slight curve. This will make the foliage look more lifelike.
  • Turn the plant around - Ensure you cover all your bases and use the image on the product page as a guide.

5. Hang in a macrame

Macrame has been all the rage in interior design, and for a good reason. Crafted from high-quality materials, these trendy pieces are sure to last a while and enhance the look of your kitchen for years to come. It's a simple and stylish way to freshen your kitchen and go from season to season. But, especially in farmhouse spaces, it's good to add a bit of an eclectic touch to keep things fresh and bring in an element of nature.

Why do we love this macrame for farmhouse - Crave something a bit different? Display your plants in this wall hanging wooden shelf that is the right size for a mini plant or another small item. Handcrafted by artisans, the hanging wooden frame has boho vibes with neutral colors. With dimensions of 14" X 24" easily hang in any space—ideal for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

6. Create a centerpiece to love

While we love all types of centerpieces, to capture that farm-to-table look, your silk arrangement should look a bit messy; there's nothing more prominent in rustic décor than a little shabby chicness. Of course, nature isn't perfect, and that's why we believe in capturing all the different shades imperfectly.

Our favorite stems for DIYing a centerpiece:

Sold out

Add a bit of natural foliage to your home with this set of artificial eucalyptus artificial branches. Available in a set of six, each stem is 10” long and features realistic leaves with natural coloration. The perfect green accent for any season, use them to fill out floral arrangements or creating new bouquets of their own.

7. Add plants in vintage planters

Because rustic touches are synonymous with farmhouse décor, we recommend you add your plants and flowers in vintage-inspired planters; this will ensure you get the best of both worlds and can keep a cohesive look throughout. Don't worry about the plants or flowers; they can virtually all match vintage and nature finishes and complement your look.

Our favorite plant in a vintage planter:

Sold out

Incorporate tropical accents throughout your home with this artificial monstera plant boasting realistic-looking leaves in bright, vivid coloring stemming from a single textured trunk. This impressive plant would beautifully complement a farmhouse decor scheme.

8. Add olive stems

Because olive trees have catapulted into a home décor staple, why not add the essence of the tree into your kitchen? You probably have the tall olive tree – which is why it's a good idea to add the faux olive stems to the kitchen; not only will you maintain consistency, but you can add a bit of Italy while cooking. Who doesn't love that? Taste – no pun intended – the Mediterranean with our lifelike nature-inspired stems for kitchens.

Our favorite faux olive stems for farmhouse kitchens:

Sold out

In coloring, several berries that range from light to dark green rest atop realistic, deep green leaves with this olive spray artificial plant. With a set of 24 included, you can bundle them together in a glass planter to create a lush, tropical display. Or, arrange them in several vases and place them on a coffee table, kitchen counter, or near the entryway to bring low warmth throughout your home.

9. Add a plant to your sill

What better way to make washing the dishes more enjoyable than planting a view to love? This is why we recommend adding faux plants to the sill; it's an easy and low-cost way to enhance the beauty of your kitchen without any maintenance. Especially if you've been looking for ways to maximize space and are on a tight budget, you can't go wrong with a faux plant for the sill.

We love this plant for the sill:

Sold out

A well-rounded display creates an eye-catching exhibit for this Mixed Succulent Garden. The quirky variety of plants is the perfect addition to Southwest-inspired décor or farmhouse décor. Place on a bookshelf or in a powder room for a touch of greenery.

10. Add a tall plant to an empty nook

Those empty nooks are always tough to decorate for, but long fake plants offer an easy solution for enhancing bare space. In addition, because artificial plants and trees provide great color, texture, and dimension, they're an excellent choice for kitchens of all sizes. Explore our other top 15 most realistic plants for home décor.

Why we love this yucca tree for farmhouse kitchens:

Sold out

Add year-round evergreens throughout everyday spaces with artificial plants boasting several tiers of realistic-looking yucca foliage; designed in naturally occurring hues; this lifelike replica flaunts various pointed leaves that fan outwards, effortless adding a hint of texture to its environment. Standing 5' high from a decorative planter, this tropical-inspired fake plant creates instant freshness wherever displayed.

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