Our Top 25 Favorite Hanging Plants for 2022

Need some fresh air in your indoor space? Crave more greenery but live in a tight area that limits the amount of space you have? Artificial hanging plants are about to help you blossom because, well, they hang from the ceiling and don't take up too much space.
Live in a castle, apartment, house, or dorm? Don't worry; you can elegantly hang indoor plants that spruce up your space without compromising square feet. Some plants you might want to consider are cascading Ivy, florals for a burst of color, or some ferns. No matter your aesthetic or design style, there is a perfect outdoor hanging plant for you.

We pride ourselves on designing hanging plants that look incredibly lifelike by partnering with top interior decorators and horticulturists with an eye to detail.
Not only that, but watering a real hanging plant can be a hassle, and the right fake plant will look natural, but you don't have to drag a step stool out to water it regularly.

Fake plants lift your mood, and you don't have to worry about dirt or little critters making a home in them. Let's face it, we are so busy, and artificial hanging plants are an easy way to make your home look more beautiful, but they don't take a lot of time to maintain. Nor do they need a sunny window.
There are so many options for hanging indoor plants, so we've created this guide so that you can find the perfect greenery for any room in your home. Let us provide you with a little inspiration.

How to Find Your Fake Hanging Plant

Connect with the space you want to decorate and imagine the possibilities of hanging plants. With so many options, ranging from long, elegant vines to bushy ferns or bright floral arrangements, every theme and color can be matched and complimented. There is really no wrong choice, so let your heart guide you and see what sparks joy.

Find a Suitable Location

Silk hanging plants never go out of style and faux hanging plants don't require any upkeep so they are going to be part of your space for a very long time. So, it's essential to think through where you're going to hang your plant. Hanging plants are great for any room from a living room to a bathroom to a dorm room. Look for spots in your home that look a little bit plain. An indoor hanging plant is going to liven up your choice of room. Pay close attention to corners of your rooms—hanging plants look great in corners. Another thing to note is where you can hang your plant near a window because having the plant hang near a window will make it look even more like a real plant.

Editor's Recommendations

A potted artificial plant hanging via macrame in a bathroom

Bathroom - Hanging plants liven up your bathroom like no other decoration. Feel the relaxation and serenity that only nature can bring to your personal space. Hung above a mirror or bathtub, this unique decoration takes up virtually no space and is guaranteed to make a big difference in your restroom atmosphere.

Artificial hanging plant on a white wall

Living Area - The living room is a place to relax and enjoy, and hanging plants are one of the most powerful ways to help us do just that. As a constant reminder of the peacefulness of nature, hanging plants improve our ability to unwind and reduce stress.

An artificial plant hanging from the ceiling next to a wall mounted shelf in  a decorated kitchen

Kitchen - Completely transform the feeling of your kitchen by adding colorful foliage to your atmosphere. Imagine how a beautiful flower or lush green leaf can add to the enjoyment of preparing food. Watch the sun cascade over your new hanging plant as it sits in front of a window, or hang it above the island as a mainstay for a joyful kitchen.

An artificial plant mounted on a white wall in a living area

Dining Room - Hanging plants are a centerpiece that add color and life to your dining room while leaving plenty of space. Since they don’t have to be set directly on the table, they are a great option for smaller areas or when you just want a clear space.

Make Sure Your Hanging Plant Fits Your Space

Consider not only the size of the pot and plant but also any vines or foliage that will hang down. This adds length from the bottom of the pot and means you may have to hang the plant higher to prevent obstruction. We offer a wide variety of planter materials and designs, so choose one that will meld with your decor theme.

An artificial hanging plant next to a coffee table

How to Hang Plants from the Ceiling

  1. Figure out what kind of material you will be attaching the hook to and prepare the necessary equipment. You will need a hook kit, drill, drill bits and a ladder.
  2. Find the exact spot where you want to hang your plant. Predrill a hole smaller than the bolt you will need using the right drill bit.
  3. Screw the bolt into the hole and make sure it fits tightly. Then screw the hook onto the bolt. Now you are ready to attach the string and enjoy your new hanging plant!

Best 2022 Interior Design Trends for Fake Hanging Plants

a balcony decorated with hanging plants, and counter plants

Rustic decor loves to include lots of unfinished wood and natural elements. Choose one of our woven pots and a rough twine to hang your new plant. Coupled with a simpler option of greenery, such as fern or ivy, your rustic theme will be brighter than ever before.

an entrance way decorated with hanging plants, an olive tree in a wood basket, and pictures placed on top of shelf

Bring more color and coziness into your boho theme with a wide selection of exotic hanging plants from every corner of the world. Ever fresh verdure is one of the most engaging and impactful ways to enhance your atmosphere.

hanging plant decorated inside bedroom next to a white couch and bed

A mix of rustic and traditional interior design, contemporary country is a flexible style that allows you to combine new materials with nature’s age-old beauty. Flowering baskets and lush greens are an exceptional addition to rooms that need more color or a little more country.

a hanging plant, and as well as a snake plant are decorated inside bathroom

Traditional decor focuses on elegance and classical furnishment. As it alludes to Victorian decor, it brings a more modern twist. Hanging plants are an essential part of this theme necessary for adding liveliness and vibrancy. Since traditional design features mostly man-made textures, natural greenery is essential for balancing and perfecting this theme.

Artificial plant hung on a white wall

Caring for Your Artificial Plant

Unlike their real counterparts, artificial plants need no watering or maintenance, meaning you can spend more time on things you love.
To ensure your faux plant can last years, we recommend removing dust using a feather duster about once a month.

A feather duster will do the trick. So, when you're dusting your home, be sure to dust off your hanging plant once a month quickly. Use a duster with an extendable handle like this one.
Every couple of months, do a detailed cleaning of your hanging plant with a toothbrush or small paintbrush. This will allow you to get into each leaf's crevices, vine, or flower to keep the plant looking fresh and realistic.
Here's a list of our top 10 hanging indoor plants but if you have a different faux-favorite, please share them with us in the comments below!

5 Hanging Plants From Ceiling Ideas

  1. Incorporate artificial flowers - Incorporating artificial flowers into your hanging plants is always a good idea as it can add beauty and color to the plant on your ceiling.
  2. Hang plants with a macrame - Macrame is a boho-chic decor that surged in popularity in recent years and hanging your plants with it will definitely elevate your home aesthetics.
  3. Hang multiple plants together to create a fuller look - When it comes to planting decors, the more, the better. Do not hesitate to collect more and more plants as each would help in creating a fuller look that you will always adore.
  4. Rope Hanging Planters - If you're looking for a simple yet creative way to hang your plants, then create a rope planter by swirling a rope and dabbing a hot glue to form a planter that you can hang from your ceiling.
  5. Hang Plants in a Curtain Rod - Another clever hack is to attach a curtain rod from your ceiling that will allow you to easily hang your hanging plants and rearrange them anytime as well.
Top Hanging Indoor Plants

What are the best hanging plants ?

The best hanging plants depending on your style, budget and size. While some of us might be limited in space or have an abundance, the best hanging plants are the ones that fulfill your need. When buying faux hanging plants pay attention to the price, reviews, and images so that you can avoid returns. The price will dictate the quality and longevity; it might be worth spending a bit more for higher quality that lasts longer. Nearly Natural has a vast selection of artificial hanging plants indoors and the best hanging plants for bedrooms. Take a look at our selection; we guarantee you will fall in love with a new faux hanging plant.

Top 20 Trending Fake Hanging Plants in 2022

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Bring the jungle in literally by creating a vertical garden with this Forest Artificial Living Wall. Ferns, leaves and moss all create a medley of foliage that looks straight from the South American rainforest. Friends will be asking, how do you water it? Turn dull, boring walls into artistic statement pieces and deliver a unique, natural look. Display individually or collectively; if you decide the latter, it makes for a trendy social media backdrop. Curate with some lights, flowers, or lettering for a truly, one-of-a-kind accent.

Botanical Info: Green leaves from tropical regions where plants receive more sunlight and rain

Origins: Native to South America and Asia

Where to Decorate: A great addition to a living wall or a restaurant in need of some green.

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Create a dramatic focal point in your home with this artificial plant boasting a lifelike overgrowth of realistic silk ferns, carefully nestled with a mix of year-round greenery. Set on a base of artificial dirt, roots and vines this piece is unbelievably realistic. Designed to be displayed from its accompanying hanger, this oversized 39” tall plant will definitely attract the attention of passersby.

Botanical Info: Ferns are from virtually every corner of the earth, from mountains to more humid weather and everywhere in between.

Origins: Native to tropical regions across the world

Where to Decorate: Decorate in a bathroom to feel closer to nature

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Add some freshening greenery to all parts of your home with this artificial garland showcasing a mix of air plants, moss and vines in bright vivid hues. Great for displaying over a mantle or across a bare counter, this 48” long hang plant or garland can help spruce up vertical or horizontal spaces without the need for maintenance.
Botanical Info: Air plants are succulents but are thinner and tendril-like.

Origins: Native to hot and desert regions

Where to Decorate: Liven a minimalist room by bringing color and depth

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Greenify your vertical spaces with the help of this artificial hanging plant boasting evergreen fern foliage in bright, vivid hues. Set on base of artificial dirt and roots this piece is unbelievably realistic. Reaching 24” high, it’s great for year-round display,

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Origins: Nephrolepis exaltata is a greatly popular houseplant that is found growing naturally in almost all of the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Where to Decorate: It’s an effortless addition to any theme and a classic staple of home decoration and improvement.

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The wall decor planter of this artificial mixed daisy holds colorful plants. With three planters stacked vertically, the top and the bottom hold white blooms while the middle contains light and dark pink blooms, all arranged with lush green leaves. This ornament is the perfect answer if you're after a punch of color but don't want the hassle of arranging them separately. It'll look great when placed against a beige or dark wall next to your wall art in your bedroom or living room.

Botanical Info: Asteraceae, also known as common Daisy, lawn Daisy or English Daisy

Origins: Native to Western, Central and Northern Europe

Where to Decorate: Hang in a kitchen in need of more color

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Perfect for an area where floor space is a luxury, this bamboo hanging basket will instantly brighten any environment. Place it next to a sliding patio door or in a window, and no one will know your secret. You'll have the look and feel of a hanging plant without the worry of water dripping onto your floor. Bring the East's famous essence to your living areas with this faux hanging plant and create a sense of calmness and relaxation. Bamboo is synonyms with the serenity of Asia and is sacred in many cultures for its medicinal and longstanding use in harvesting and cooking. You can now enjoy this exotic, tropical plant in your home. Quickly retreat to a peaceful environment after a long day at work—fun fact: The panda bear's diet is 99% bamboo.

Botanical Info: Bambusoideae - bamboos are a perennial evergreen in the subfamily Bambusoideae within the grass family Poaceae

Origins: Originating from China, they have been used for food, building, and much more for thousands of years.

Where to Decorate: A great addition to a boho theme or anywhere that could use soft greenery and plant liveliness.

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Add a fantastic pop of color to your wall to instantly brighten up your space with this artificial hibiscus and spider plants. Passionate, deep red flowers blossom over lush, thin variegated leaves that are showering down freely from the included hanging basket. This 31-inch artificial hanging plant will look great when hung from the ceiling of your enclosed porch with other colorful succulents for a vibrant finish. This is one of the best hanging plants for living rooms as it brings color and texture. Perfect for modern, eclectic, and many other style decors. Native to Florida, the hibiscus is associated with tropical beach vacations, and with the help of this faux hanging plant, you can escape to your holiday without ever leaving home. Best of all? This hanging plant looks excellent in many living areas.

Botanical Info: Chlorophytum comosum combined with hibiscus makes for a well balanced tropical display of color.

Origins: Hibiscus is believed to have originated from India and spider plants from southern Africa. This bright duo will compliment and uplift your home’s open areas with minimal effort.

Where to Decorate: Placed in front of a window, it will glow in the sunshine with its beautiful colors.

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Compact in size, the artificial string of pearl plant is ideal for use in limited floor space. With its unique greenery that spills over the included stone vase, it's natural appearance will recreate the allure of the outdoors inside your home. Hang it above your kitchen island for an elegant finish. If you crave the jungle look, this artificial hanging plant will welcome you to a tropical oasis. Perfect for many style decors. Customers love the ease of care and how realistic it looks. Many report back that they're friends even think it looks real. If you lack a green thumb but want an indoor jungle, this is the faux hanging plant for you.

Botanical Info: Senecio rowleyanus come to us from the arid lands of southwestern Africa.

Origins: Though it comes from dry areas, it goes well with tropical themes and is a popular addition to many households.

Where to Decorate: As a succulent with long wispy vines, it can add beauty above your desk or table for years to come.

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Faux hanging plants are some of the best ways to decorate. Especially if they are filled with lush, leafy plants. These Eucalyptus, Maiden Hair & Berry Hanging Basket set combines three different (faux) plants, all ready to hang wherever you wish. This is a set of three, so you can decorate your entire home or office with ease. Never needing water, making it a stylish gift for someone who loves plants yet is a bit forgetful when it comes time to water them! Add cohesion to all living areas by adding faux interest plants that complement many style decors. Designer tip: Pair close together adjacent and parallel to each other for symmetry. Add in kitchens next to the window or on top of the kitchen island for a refresh. It also adds a fun touch in the bathroom next to the sink.

Botanical Info: Adiantum, the Maiden Hair fern, originates from the tropics of South America.

Origins: Eucalyptus arrives from the country continent of Australia.

Where to Decorate: Set the trio in different areas of the house to create a widespread aura of peace and relaxation. Small and versatile, this team of nature’s beauty can fit in your bathroom, kitchen and desktop corner.

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Maximize your vertical space with the help of this artificial staghorn hanging plant. Hanging 50" long, this realistic silk replica boasts an overgrowth of lifelike tendrils, delicately dangling in a palette of soft green hues. An instant focal point, it would easily freshen up bare corners in a brightly lit kitchen or family room. Take a trip to wild side by displaying this faux hanging plant in any living area that needs a refresh. Complements many style decors including modern, eclectic, and boho. Change your surroundings effortlessly, with this faux hanging plant; we guarantee it'll be a conversation starter. Designer tip: Decorate against a bare corner or in a bathroom for a wow factor. The long tendrils add a fun, almost whimsical touch to any living area needing a focal point or wow factor.

Botanical Name: Platycerium

Origins: Platycerium is a unique fern that is found hanging from tropical trees in South America.

Where to Decorate: This fern will add mystery and curiosity as it hangs majestically from the ceiling, imitating its natural habitat.

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Ferns are big and billowy and instantly modernize any room, from the living room to the bathroom to a bedroom. Their draping fronds on the large Boston fern are a beautiful green and since they don't have flowers, you don't need to worry about a color clash in the room you choose to hang your fern in.

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Origins: Nephrolepis exaltata is a greatly popular houseplant that is found growing naturally in almost all of the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Where to Decorate: It’s an effortless addition to any theme and a classic staple of home decoration and improvement. Enjoy this bush of lush greens as it brings harmony and comfort into your life.

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This beautiful plant has dark green cascading leaves and pastel pink flowers. The bougainvillea hanging plant livens up a room with a touch of elegance and provides a way to incorporate nature into your décor. This plant comes in an earthy wicker basket completing the overall visual aesthetic of the bougainvillea hanging basket.

Botanical Info: Bougainvillea is the botanical name for a number of shrubs, vines and small trees used for decoration.

Origins: It originates from eastern South America, but it makes a great addition of color to any home in the world!

Where to Decorate: Pink paired with dark green makes for a striking display of tropical ambiance.

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This plant features long cascading green leaves adding a sense of elegance to any room. The 264 meticulously crafted leaves look completely real and instantly add an earthy sense of beauty to any room. With its luscious green leaves and vines, the philodendron hanging basket is perfect for any space in a room that looks boring or is lacking wall art since the vines are so long.  

Botanical Info: This viny member of the Philodendron genus features long, cascading foliage that leads to an elegant look.

Origins: As a symbol of rainforest overgrowth, it can warm your heart even in the depth of winter.

Where to Decorate: In front of your favorite mirror, it can make the perfect backdrop for your bathroom or bedroom.

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The pothos hanging basket is full of bushy dark green leaves that drape over the planter. It looks so real that your guests will be shocked if you tell them it's a faux plant. The pothos hanging basket's simplistic nature means that it will fit and breathe a sense of nature in any room.

Botanical Info: Epipremnum aureum has become a common houseplant originating from the French Polynesian islands.

Origins: This artificial, ivy-like decoration is a perfect alternative for those with cats and dogs due to the toxicity of the real plant.

Where to Decorate: An uncomplicated addition to your home, its fits well in any room of relaxation and comfort.

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This leather fern hanging basket arrives in a set of two so you can add some cohesion in your living areas. The realistic-looking fronds flow in harmony while the mossy basket adds a rustic, homey touch that blends in modern spaces.

Botanical Info: Rumohra adiantiformis is found in a huge array of temperate and tropical regions of Earth.

Origins: It leaves feathery and mossy in appearance, giving it a quality of soft lightness.

Where to Decorate: As a set of two, place it in opposing areas of a room to create aesthetic symmetry.

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This plant features bright green leaves with a touch of white veins. The green variegated wandering Jew plant has vines that spill out over the simple white planter like a waterfall. It adds a touch of natural elegance to any room.

Botanical Info: Herbaceous perennial wildflower.

Origins: Native to the Americas from Canada to the North of Argentina.

Where to Decorate: Add to a shelfie in need of some texture in a bright room.

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The spider hanging basket features long wispy leaves that slightly drape over the wicker planter. The leaves are green with white pinstripes and are meticulously handcrafted to look completely natural; the only difference is that you don't have to worry about watering it! To stay aligned with what a natural spider hanging basket would look like, this plant is adorned with a few plantlets that stem from the leaves.

Botanical Info: Chlorophytum comosum

Origins: Native to the tropical southern African continent

Where to Decorate: Perfect for a compact space in need of some freshness like a guest bathroom

Sold out

The English ivy hanging basket is full of long classic ivy vines. The vines spill down a few feet, which makes this plant an ideal hanging plant. If your space is limited when it comes to a plant's surface space, this plant is an ideal solution because it hangs from the ceiling and doesn't take up space.

Botanical Info: Flowering plant part of the ivy genes

Origins: Native to Europe and Western Asia, it grows on fences, walls, trunks and doors

Where to Decorate: Perfect as a barrier for those spaces you want to cover or a fence for privacy

Sold out

Full of dense dark green leaves and pink or red blooms that never fade, the geranium hanging basket adds a touch of nature and a splash of color to any room. This plant comes in a neutral wicker planter and blends with many home décor styles, and doesn't steal attention from this beautiful plant.

Botanical Info: Perennial, annual, and biennial plants

Origins: Thrive in temperate climate including mountains in the tropics and the Mediterranean

Where to Decorate: Beautify any area that seems dull and needs some feminine vibes

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Characterized by dark green leaves with violet hints, the morning glory hanging basket adds a subtle touch of color to any room. The lovely blossoms are dark purple, and the plant comes in a nice wicker basket in a neutral hue so that it fits the vibe of any room.

Botanical Info: Umbrella term for over 1000 species of flowering plants

Origins: From ancient Chinese to Mesoamerican civilizations, these popular plants are common almost everywhere in the world

Where to Decorate: With the dramatic, darker colors, add to any dramatic room during the fall.

Indoor hanging plants with flowers

Fill your wall with fantastic shapes and brilliant colors with this artificial mix flowers and fern arrangement. With an included wall decor planter, these ornaments contain three realistic plants. The top and bottom planters hold feather-like green boston fern fronds, while the middle has colorful blooms: yellow, purple, blue, orange and pink. Place them in the bathroom next to your wall-mounted LED illuminated mirror for a stunning finish.

Botanical Info: Native to most regions of the world

Origins: Native to Western, Central and Northern Europe

Where to Decorate: Hang in a kitchen in need of more color

Sold out

There are times when you need more than one artificial plant to bring a burst of life and color to your indoor or outdoor space. Thankfully, this artificial geranium plant is perfect for that! It contains three vertically stacked colorful baskets with red, yellow, and pink blooms poking out against the rich green leaves. Plus, it comes fully UV-resistant, making it perfect for that sunny spot in your sun room, kitchen, or even outdoors on your patio wall with other potted plants. A wall decor planter with rustic appeal comes included.

Botanical Info: Native to most regions of the world

Origins: Native to Western, Central and Northern Europe

Where to Decorate: Hang in a kitchen in need of more color


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The toned-down oranges, purples, yellows, and lavenders of this artificial mixed flowers hanging basket plant make it a great choice to pair with nearly any decor. Artificial fern leaves drape over the sides of the basket and add an extra dimension. Hang this basket from the ceiling of your enclosed porch, or above your end table for a natural finish.

Botanical Info: Ferns and flowers are found in many different habitats.

Origins: Native to most habitats around the world

Where to Decorate: Hang above a home bar or a home office for an elevated and tropical look

Sold out

Delicate yet bold, simple yet busy, striking yet understated - these all describe this wonderful Bougainvillea hanging basket. At 28", it's big enough to fill any space. But the soft white blooms and cascading green leaves combine to please the eye with their low-key beauty. Completing the picture is the decorative hanging basket. The best part is it'll stay looking fresh for year, without care or water. Makes a fine gift too.

Botanical Info: Bougainvillea is the botanical name for a number of shrubs, vines and small trees used for decoration.

Origins: It originates from eastern South America, but it makes a great addition of color to any home in the world!

Where to Decorate: The bold striking color will create an eye-catching addition in any room.

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This geranium artificial plant features an abundant amount of vibrant red blooms and shiny green leaves that splay in different directions and spill out of the woven hanging basket. If you're looking for a plant with a brilliant splash of color to add to your home but don't have enough floor space to accommodate something large, then this artificial plant is the right fit for you. You can hang this near the window of your bedroom, living room, or kitchen where the light will highlight its natural beauty.

Botanical Info: Perennial, annual, and biennial plants

Origins: Thrive in temperate climate including mountains in the tropics and the Mediterranean

Where to Decorate: The pink contrasts the green for a striking, verdant look of the tropics.

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