5 Incredible Outdoor Planters for Your Spring Decor

Outdoor planters come in various styles, from simple to complex. Of course, it is up to you how large you want your vessel to be. As for where to place them, start by choosing a spot needing some more color and texture. From there, it's essential to look for an adequate-sized planter; for this, look at the size of the plant you wish to display. Ideally, you'd want a planter larger than the plant, it's important to measure first.

1. Handmade Natural Jute and Cotton Basket

Whether you are looking to create a more natural, cottage-inspired look to your outdoor space, or if you simply want somewhere to hide the garbage cans of your balcony or terrace, jute planters fit that bill. They are pleasantly priced, easy to maintain, and stylish, which is why we recommend them for spaces of all sizes.

Several factors go into making a decorating choice: the style of your home, the look you're going for, and your budget, to name a few. If you've been struggling with deciding how to fill up a space in your home or office, these large outdoor planters are sure to please you every time. From natural materials to quirky designs-no matter what kind of decor you want in your space, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from.

2. Handmade Natural Cotton Basket

For this reason alone, the baskets are perfect for giving your front porch some seasonal charm! They are made of natural materials that are so important to many people, but they are sturdy and well-designed enough to withstand some hustling and bustling in a busy household easily. They also serve as versatile storage pieces in any room (think bathroom shelf storage or even laundry!) and add a pop of color anywhere. They would also make great reusable shopping bags! The many possibilities are exciting for any space and home décor lovers. The modern outdoor planters don't need any other embellishments if it's displayed in an area where a full view is possible. Still, you may want to play with complementary colors (or even materials) nearby-think adding similar colored flowers or greenery to your design for more cropped designs.

3. Handmade Natural Cotton Multicolored Woven Basket

While it's unlikely that we'd use one of these baskets as an umbrella stand outside in Ohio, there are plenty of other ways we'd find to incorporate these simple yet stylish items into our home decor. So if you have a lovely basket in storage somewhere, like this one or this one, or are looking for smaller versions to decorate with, consider adding these beautiful woven baskets to complement any room in your home! The striking thing about these baskets-and why we recommend them-is how good they look. They're handmade, so you know that each and every one of them was created individually with love and care, and it shows. So you have a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. There's something about their rustic look that feels unique, almost like no other basket you've ever seen. To top it all off, they are affordable, so you could easily collect a few to play around with as decor. Overall, they would look fantastic in any space, whether leaning against the wall in a nook or tucked into a corner.

4. Slate Planter Indoor-Outdoor

This slate planter is an easy way to add a stylish touch to your home or office. Placing this planter outside, in the shade and covered with something such as a moss ball, will help to prevent algae growth and keep it looking like new for years to come. Indoors, the planter can be used in an office or on a bookshelf. The large outdoor planters would be great on the floor with books and magazines surrounding them or on a coffee table in a living room.

The plant is beautiful with its vibrant purple leaves, while the slate pops when hanging on a white wall. However, it's important to remember that what you find stylish may not be so to the individual. This can come down to taste. However, we like to think that by following the critical stylistic themes of space, you're more likely to have items you'll end up loving. These beautiful plant pots are great to fill with different flowers and plants if you're an avid gardener. If you don't have the greenest thumb but want to showcase your love for gardening and the outdoors in your home decor, these modern planters provide a stylish option for placing your succulents and other tiny violets!

5. Classic Square Metal Planter

The first words that come to mind when decorating with metal planters are: modern and edgy. The combination of a solid geometric shape, the rustic metal finish, and the very gritty texture is an exciting contrast of hard vs. soft, warm vs. cool, and rugged vs. luxurious. Metal planters will bring style and drama to any space - from a backyard to an urban balcony or rooftop garden, from patios to entryways, stoops, and steps. We recommend these tall planters in the front of the home and put either a small, succulent, or another low-maintenance plant inside. You can then use it as an accent piece with other plants that won't wilt or die so quickly. The rustic look is good in pairs or larger groups when you want to bring out some fantastic green/leaf color. This planter is also built to last, making it a great investment piece that lasts a while.

Final Word

Wrapping it up, these outdoor planters will prove to be great additions to your garden this spring. You can build them from recycled materials, and they are low cost. In addition, they perfectly fit with the modern design of today's gardens which are filled with new space-saving designs.

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