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Home décor is a great way to spruce up your space without making a huge investment. We recommend home décor planters as a seasonal refresh to liven any area. Because planters tend to be more affordable than other home décor pieces, you can splurge on these accents and see what a difference they make in your space. Wall planters are also great because they serve two purposes: to display your plants and store any nicknacks, especially if you’re tight on space they can help.  

Indoor Planters and Baskets


When you buy one of our trees or plants from Nearly Natural, you may like the planter it is sent with. If not, we have a wide selection of planters, vases, or wall hangers for your artificial plants or trees. Many of the planters are made with organic materials like Jute, ceramics, slate or cotton. We also carry a few beautifully sculpted statues of the Buddha. Perhaps you’d like one of our decorative plant wall arrangements. Our silk artificial plants, trees, and flowers are authentic replicas of their natural counterparts. We invite you to browse our catalog and see for yourselves.

Choose the Ideal Planter

At Nearly Natural, your shopping experience isn’t like what happens in your local mall. You don’t personally interact with the clerk in the store, and you have to have faith in your eyesight because you can’t see the items in person. We may not be able to verbally greet you and say “how can we help you?” – but that sentiment is implied in every action we take to ensure all our merchandise looks and feels just like the real thing. Our dedicated customer service staff is always ready to respond to your requests and your concerns. We aim to exceed your expectations.

Plant Your Bushes in the Perfect Way

When you decorate your bedroom, you want it to be a restful place. You may have a bedspread you love, and your wall and headboard may have a design that appeals to you. But to help you feel comforted and ready to go to sleep, you may find you’d enjoy buying a lavish bouquet of colorful flowers or a slender olive tree to welcome the spirit of peace. All the items from Nearly Natural are designed by experienced horticulturists to ensure their similarity to their natural counterparts. Your new merchandise will blend with your treasured belongings to help provide an overall feeling of comfort and rest.

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