5 Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants

They say, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” While this may be true for the homemaker who spends most of their time in the house cooking, eating, preparing meals, and tidying up after the family, it also relates to the rest of the household. After all, the entire family uses the kitchen and it’s usually the one room that sets the tone for the entire house - creating an exclusive experience where the entire family can gather and share their details of the day. Course, most of us perceive the kitchen as the ultimate destination of chores-ville but there’s a way to change that! By creating beautiful spaces in the kitchen with the help of relaxing textures and fresh color, artificial greenery can help change your kitchen dramatically - without adhering to a watering schedule or weekly weeding. This week, we’re sharing our top five tips on how to transform everyday house chores into a tranquil state of relaxation with the help of maintenance-free artificial greenery.

Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants: The Usage of Complementary Colors

The Usage of Complementary Colors:

For a stylish approach, try incorporating colors already found within your home decor palette. If you have a brightly painted wall, try using that color throughout the containers you choose to display them from or possibly take into consideration the blossoms on flowering plants which can also create a nice accent.

Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants: Stand-Alones, Sets, Trios, & Groupings

Stand-Alones, Sets, Trios, & Groupings:

If you’re looking to create a single focal point, try using a silk tree to beautifully enhance the space. If you’re looking to use a single tall silk plant, position it near a plain wall and make sure it stands apart from the rest of the furnishings to give it breathing room. If you don’t know where to start, try with a tropical silk palm like a traveller's or areca which provide ample greenery in addition to sense of freshness.
If you’re less interested in creating a single focal point but would rather concentrate on just sprucing up bare, empty spaces, opt for smaller silk plants that can be arranged in groups to create a more vibrant mix of color and texture. Stick to your home decor scheme but choose plants that complement and highlight each other - rather than stealing the spotlight. Not only will this help distinguish them from other (real or silk!) plants - but it will also alleviate the ‘fake’ look that some artificial plants have been criticized for. In fact, if you truly want to make a show of your ‘green thumb powers’, opt for one of our Real Touch Silk Plants that will even have your guests wondering if they’re actually are real.

Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants: Size Does Indeed Matter

Size Does Indeed Matter:

Don’t forget to pay attention to the size of the artificial plants, faux flowers arrangements, and trees you choose to display. Remember, each artificial plant should help enhance the space without overcrowding and be allowed its own breach of space - this too will also help distinguish it from a fake as most real houseplants do require a little bit of breathing space to flourish and thrive. This is also key when displaying; make sure to place smaller flowering plants in front of taller, skinnier plants so that that it creates an attractive composition.

Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants: Maximizing {Vertical} Space

Maximizing Vertical Spaces

If your counters are packed, alleviate some of the space by allowing greenery to be displayed vertically; this can be done with a hanging plant (or a set!) handsomely displayed over a kitchen window or sink to give some natural beauty to the space. Strategically positioned wall plants can also be an effective and inspiring way to separate both cooking and dining zones without the need of walls, signage, or furniture.

Tips On How To Spruce'n Up Kitchen Spaces With Artificial Plants: Eliminating The Need For Chores

Eliminating The Need For Chores:

Because each of our artificial and silk plants are fake - that means they require absolutely no maintenance! A huge advantage for someone who's looking to incorporate real-life greenery without the hassle of upkeep, artificial plants will have alleviated all that chore time so that you can spend that time doing the things that you truly enjoy. Another perk? If the lighting situation in the kitchen isn’t your favorite - worry not as our artificial plants will stay forever green so there’s no fear of discoloration or wilting should you choose to display them somewhere that wouldn’t be deemed favorable to real plants.
For more inspiration on how to spruce’n up kitchen spaces, head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Greenify-ing Kitchen Spaces with Artificial Foliage

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