Silk Areca Plants | Artificial Areca Plants

Nearly Natural's perfectly replicated fake Silk Areca Palm Tree are a great way to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through. The artificial Areca Palm tree also known as golden cane palm, or butterfly palm. To improve your space simply drop some silk flowers into a vase or place our faux areca palm tree on the floor, and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers and fake areca palms perfect for just about any space – no matter your personal style or budget, shop today.



Feel confident in our designs, here at Nearly Natural, we aim to create the most lifelike areca palm artificial plant. Horticulturists with 75+ years of experience, capture mother nature’s beauty at every branch, stem, and trunk. We mimic the most exotic flora from around the world so you can enjoy the beauty of nature, no matter your lifestyle. Because of this experience, we’ve become the number one choice for home décor for interior designers and social media influencers. And now, you can get the look of your favorite designer without breaking the bank and with very little maintenance.

Get a Taste of Florida

Don’t be scared about transitioning to team faux. We’re here to help you choose the perfect faux Areca for your space, and make summer last faux-ever. From outdoor trees to indoor palms, you can keep consistency throughout the home by decorating with palms all around, no matter the season. Get a little taste of Florida easily and effortlessly and feel those vacation vibes in your space. No matter your personal style, adding a little palm tree in a bare corner can go a long way in creating harmony and balance in your space. Decorate your dream space today with budget-friendly pieces sure to last.

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