6 Artificial Plants To Decorate Your Coastal Outdoors

If you’re looking for coastal decor ideas, incorporating faux greenery such as outdoor artificial trees and hanging plants is always a great option! Whether you live near the beach or not, adding coastal plants to your decor is an ideal way to bring the outdoors in and create a space that feels like a vacation. Feel those summer vibes faux-ever!

Faux plants are an excellent way to decorate your outdoor space because they require little to no maintenance and can withstand any weather. Another thing is that artificial plants are often more affordable than real plants, allowing you to get the vacation vibes without breaking the bank.

Decorating your coastal outdoor area shouldn’t be that complicated, here are some options to explore to get that cozy look using faux greenery decorations.

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This sleek but bold fiddle leaf tree will certainly catch the eye of a minimalistic lover. Its broad green leaves complemented with its life-like leathery texture will surely make you forget it's not real! At 4 feet tall, this UV-resistant tree is perfect for indoor and outdoor use without fading. Given its gaze, this tree won't be a feat to incorporate into your aesthetic style. The effortless yet structured trunk accentuates its violin-shaped leaves ready to make a statement in your home. If you're going for a coastal outdoor impression, opt for planters that are designed and crafted for coastal vibes like beach stone vases or handwoven baskets to add texture and layer to your space.

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This 3 feet re-creation is a perfect addition to your space. Its appearance shouts symmetry and vibrance. The shaggy trunk is primed to hold a crown of 15 sprightly leaves.

Additionally, the dark green leaves have a shiny finish with a light green contrast that makes this plant stand out. It is also UV resistant, meaning that it can be placed indoors and outdoors. Create a coastal scheme by putting them in nautical-themed bright-colored containers to make them stand out.

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A perfect way to add a tropical flair to your place,is by adding this 3.5 feet piece of replication is a must-have. Its smooth pristine trunk leads up to more than 500 arching feather-like leaves providing your coastal decor with an authentic and natural look that will last a lifetime.

The Areca Palm is an easy and carefree way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. If you're going for a coastal theme You can use it to decorate by placing it in an entryway or a corner of your outdoor living space. Add some shells, sand, and other coastal accents to give your space a beachy vibe.

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Perfect for indoor or outdoor coastal decorations, this natural-looking greenery will surely make a statement. Standing 65” tall, with 3 sturdy trunks and 42 voluminous leaves, it will easily transform a place into a tropical paradise.

Convert your home or office into a vacation destination with this piece. You can always transfer it into a pot of your style choice and place it on a corner of your property to add an optical illusion balancing your landscape while giving an effect of harmony. You can also put it adjacent to your door to make a lush first impression on your guests!

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This beautiful fiddle leaf tree in the exquisitely crafted planter is ideal for Boho or Coastal outdoor or indoor decorations. the ready display artistic arrangement sets apart the look of your home. The 4’ height of the fiddle leaf tree is perfect to inject some life into any dead space and brighten up the look of your home. The cotton and jute planter with intricate weave patterns gives the whole arrangement a very classy and chic look. The plant is made from high-quality UV-resistant materials which make it perfect for outdoors as well as indoors. You can place this beautiful piece by the poolside or the patio This is a must-have piece for anyone who loves coastal or Boho-chic decorations.

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With its natural-looking upward arching fronds it is also known as a butterfly palm, this 4.5’ artificial areca palm tree is perfect for coastal decorating schemes. The black wash planter it comes in adds an elegant touch, while its UV resistance makes it a great option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Add this tropical tree to your porch or patio for an instant island getaway or to simply liven up a plain-looking space. No matter where you place it, this areca palm is sure to bring a touch of lushness to its surrounding.

There we have it, the easiest yet best way to make your coastal outdoor area look cozy and alive. Faux greenery may not be the most natural way to decorate your porch but certainly, it is the most convenient if you are living in coastal areas where weather can be unpredictable.

To get the best look, make sure to buy good quality faux greeneries that are worth your money. Many different options are realistic and sturdy enough to last for years. Find the best plant that suits your style, pop it on your porch, sit back, relax and enjoy the vibe.

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