Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays

While most of us are accustomed to associating winter with the traditional bright reds of the poinsettia and holly berries, there are a lot of notable flowers and plants that you can incorporate while decorating past Christmas and into the colder months of the new year. And while artificial flowers have their advantages of being in full bloom year round, we love to showcase what’s seasonal to give arrangements that extra touch of authenticity. Luckily, there are a number of beautiful blooms that appear during the winter and today we are sharing a few of our favorites.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Roses


While the white Christmas rose is a holiday favorite, roses in general are often used when it comes to winter arrangements. Varying in color and lengths, artificial roses can be reused throughout the year for parties, holiday decorations, and other special events.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Magnolias


Keep that holiday warmth alive with the beauty of the magnolia. A symbol of southern charm, artificial magnolias can stay fresh and beautiful year round. And while they look exquisite when mixed with other winter foliage, single stems can look equally beautiful - if not more! - when displayed on their own.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Carnations


A year round bloomer, the carnation adds simple sweetness wherever displayed. In full bloom, these flowers explode with color and can add an element of whimsy to home interiors. Great for injecting happiness into your home or office, they make a cheerful addition to winter floral arrangements that can last long into spring.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Lilies


Usually displayed during Easter, the lily is a perennial favorite. In winter we tend to see them lighter in color contrasted against more colorful winter blooms. For year round beauty but still winter-appropriate, a set of artificial white lilies can easily be used throughout the year.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Tulpis


An elegant flower, tulips add a touch of drama to their environment. While an arrangement in a cylinder glass is a modern take for display, we love the idea of loose stems scattered throughout the home to create your own one-of-a-kind bouquet. To truly evoke a winterscape, opt for darker colors that you can start showcasing in the fall to extend their shelf life. If dark tones aren’t your thing, go with an all white palette that can be displayed all year round.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Hyacinths


Recognizable for their minute clustering of bright flowers interspersed with long narrow leaves, the hyacinth is a seasonal favorite. Despite being high maintenance in the natural world, an artificial hyacinth will stand the test of time, long after the winter holidays.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Fruits


Not the most common accent to home decor but just as delightful are seasonal fruits! From a loose set of realistic apples to those displayed in a planter, these are great for emulating a bit of that holiday spirit. Artificial artichokes are also another great addition with their forever green likeness.


Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Hydrangeas

Often displayed year-round, hydrangeas are an all time favorite. Not only are they delightful looking flowers when arranged for the appropriate season, but our artificial replicas come in an extensive range of colors and arrangements that allow you countless decor options. Loose stems are great as a single accent piece or when added to other pre-existing bouquets.

Artificial Winter Florals To Outlive The Holidays: Ranunculus


More commonly referred to as buttercups, the flowering blooms of the rancunculus come in variety of colors. Displayed as an arrangement or singularly, these enchanting flowers are great for adding instant color to any environment. Better yet, they easily transition from winter into spring with their sweet, freshly-cut appearance.

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