2022 Rose Arrangements | Fake Rose Arrangements

Enjoy the elegance of roses year round with silk rose arrangements and bouquets. These artificial creations offer all the details of live roses, with finely layered petal blooms, trimmed stems, and even the option for faux water in the accompanying decorative vase. Choose your silk rose arrangements from a full spectrum of shades, short to long stem length, and a selection of shapely vases or outdoor planters. Roses are available as individual or grouped arrangements, and may also be accompanied by a wide variety of flowers and flora including hydrangeas, peonies, willow, berries, and maiden hair. Nearly Natural silk rose arrangements make a great gift for birthdays, holidays or romantic gestures.

Silk Rose Arrangments


When many people think of flowers, a rose is the first type of blossom that comes to their mind. And, why not? Rose petals have a delicate curve, and when those curves are scalloped into a wave of petals, the overall effect captures our eyes and our souls. Roses speak the language of love; where one rose symbolizes love at first sight, three roses whisper “I love you.” Silk roses from Nearly Natural come in bouquets, blossoms and wreaths full of heavenly blossoms. They can be red, pink, yellow or white. There are as many types of fake roses as there are ways to show love.

Roses are Always A Perfect Gift

At Nearly Natural, we want you to assume every purchase you make from us will be of the highest possible quality. For over 75 years, we have followed the lead of our designers, who are all experienced horticultural experts. We take pains to design our silk trees, plants, flowers, and arrangements to authentically replicate their natural counterparts. During our quality control inspections (which occur before we ship any of our products,) we scrupulously inspect the appearance of every piece of merchandise. We also ensure each piece will feel just like the real thing – on each of the items’ surfaces. We always strive to exceed your expectations.

Lush and Lovely Roses

Here is another suggestion for an intriguing shape for your fake flower arrangements: why not try using a triangular arrangement? These showy arrangements are another popular selection for those planning a large gathering- or if you want to make a decorative statement with your dining room centerpiece. With these arrangements, it is common to place small, monochromatic flowers near the base of the arrangements, back them up with climbing blossoms in a complementary color or some tall, showy leaves. The sides of a triangular arrangement are often completed with wide leaves, baby’s or some differently shaped and contrastingly colored flowers.

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