Awesome Farmhouse Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Artificial Plants

The versatility of the farmhouse decor is exciting and interesting in its design. Farmhouse theme lets you play with personal choices and tastes because of its flexible character. The farmhouse is characterized by its elegant and classy rugged appeal and can be a completely simple and bare minimum for any applied design and decorative principles. Moreover, it can also stand alone as the finishing touch of the interiors. Adding curtains and artificial plants will make it more grand and magical. Here are Farmhouse kitchen curtain ideas to satisfy your eyes and comfort your mood.

Farmhouse Floral Design

With the rustic farmhouse design features, floral printed objects can make the site more lively and curvy. Floral prints in farmhouse curtains will seemingly define a lighter mood in inhabiting the farmhouse interior space. It adds a more organic tone to the interiors. Floral prints complement the farmhouse theme: white lilies, red roses, and light blue chrysanthemums are some great choices. These floral prints will match any artificial plants and greeneries as decorative elements of your farmhouse kitchen.

Green Stripes

Green stripes are also farmhouse kitchen curtain ideas that are a truly great option. Green stripe curtains complement the greeneries of the artificial plants, giving a monotonous contrast along with the grayish color hues of the farmhouse architectural elements. Thin green stripes are best to be paired with artificial plants with small leaves or foliage bushes; white big green stripes are fit for artificial plants with more giant leaves or palm trees.

Brown and Ivory

You will achieve a classy appeal from brown and ivory curtains used for your farmhouse kitchen curtains. Brown and Ivory draperies give a lustrous sheen to farmhouse interiors because of their neutral tones like gold, champagne, and silver. With this, a regal approach will be achieved. Silky use fabrics if you opt for brown and ivory farmhouse kitchen curtain ideas. Add tassels and embroidered details to come up with the best results.

Blue and Green Florals

Blue and Green Floral prints give an exciting additive to farmhouse kitchen curtain ideas. Green can symbolize the mountains, while blue symbolizes the seas. Mountains and seas are where a farmhouse can situate. Hence, adding blue and green pastel-colored curtains to your farmhouse kitchen can seemingly define a perfect haven for the most loungy and refreshing kitchen. Light green or light blue background curtains paired with a white potted artificial plant can already make your farmhouse kitchen vibrant. You can use any thin or sheer fabrics with blue and green florals. White background curtains with green and blue flower colors in foliage are also a perfect choice.

Plain White Curtains

Plain white curtains will always beautify your farmhouse kitchen if you want a classic approach. Any theme can be complemented with a simple white curtain. Adding artificial plants as a centerpiece or a stand-alone side decor will give a bright atmosphere. Plain white curtains will enhance every feature of your farmhouse kitchen, especially the wall colors, countertop material, and wood floorings. Use tulle or Geena fabrics for an ultimately clean and squeaky appeal.


Use curvy and flowy patterns, but choose curtains with designs that have only two colors or shades to avoid an eyesore. Good practices have simple and comprehensive pattern directions, and these patterns make good pairs for artificial plants.

Textured in spring or summer colors

Patterns, textures, and surfaces make a significant difference in any interior. But for farmhouse kitchens, patterns create style and enhance any visual aspect like room width, height, or brightness level. Hence, using colorful summer colors for your farmhouse kitchen curtains should align with only one shade. For example, If red is dominant, use warm shades and warm colors throughout the patterns like yellow, burgundy, maroon, or pink. If you use violet, use cooler tones throughout the curtain pattern prints like turquoise, mint, etc., to avoid clashing colors. Artificial plants will be enhanced if you use patterns that complement the wood tone color of the farmhouse kitchen walls and floorings.

French Chic

Rustic but luxurious farmhouse decor design is very much anticipated in any farmhouse. To develop this concept, use worn-out metallic materials for the decors. French chic Farmhouse kitchen curtain ideas can be achieved through using off-white or cream heavy tulle fabrics, silk, or multi-layered satin draperies.

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