Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals

With winter on the horizon (December 21st), it’s only natural that we start to see a change in the florals that brides incorporate into their winter weddings bouquets. With the season evoking a wonderland of ice and snow it's no surprise that we see a lot of white florals like roses, callas, peonies, lilies, and even orchids. And while these reflect winter's white beauty, they are usually beautifully contrasted against darker tones of red, burgundy, and mixed green. Although that color palette might not sound the most beautiful, it’s a matter of balancing darker hues against a soft mix of texture to create something truly enchanting. To help you create a one-of-kind keepsake, we’re sharing a few tips on how to DIY your own wedding bouquet with a range of realistic flowers that will stay forever beautiful - long after the big day.

Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals: Mix and Match

Mix And Match:

We all know real flowers can rack up a budget so we especially love the idea of mixing the real with the artificial. Not only will it give bouquets a touch of life, but it can help you create something truly beautiful and unique without going overboard. Using fake flowers on the big day also allows you the ability to play around with various arrangements prior to without fear of damaging or wilting on the big day. Also, artificial flowers always look more picture perfect than their real-life counterparts - and will continue to do so long after the ceremony.

Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals: Opt for Seasonal

Opt For Seasonal:

When deciding on which flowers to incorporate on your wedding, always try to include something seasonal. While some flowers are perennials and are used all throughout the year, something that says “winter” will give your bouquet that added authenticity - whether the flowers are real or fake! This could be a winter favorite like a poinsettia or an amaryllis - both of which come in bright reds or whites.

Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals: Hints of Winter

Hints of Winter:

If you’re looking to have a winter wedding but don’t want it to seem like something Mr. and Miss Claus would put on, try to hold back on the holiday decorations. Rather, try incorporating winter touches throughout; red berries, ivy, pine, and holly are all great for incorporating into your bouquet and other wedding decor to convey a winter-scape. Other winter elements could be pine cones, wooden stems, even fir branches to give off that wintery feel.

Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect:

Before you go all out and purchase a menagerie worth of florals, start small; choose an assortment of flowers that you're keen to use and play with them by mixing in your other accents. Remember, if you’re DIYing your bouquet you’ll also need a few tools and something to bind them all together. We especially love the idea of wrapping them with French lace or perhaps a soft velvet ribbon when complete.

Bridal Bouquets With Winter Florals

All in all, winter gives brides the opportunity to create something truly magical for the big day. Get creative with color and texture and don’t be afraid to try the unexpected. Playing and designing with artificial flowers allows you to channel a winter wedding theme no matter the time of year! The best part - you’ll be able to keep and repurpose a special token from that unforgettable day, year after year. For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to bridal bouquets with winter florals.

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