Decorating for Summer with Artificial Palm Trees

With spring behind us, it’s time to start thinking about summer decorating plans. The change in seasons is a perfect opportunity to give your home a refresh that will help you enjoy those longer, warmer days. 

Whether you’re looking to do a complete style overhaul, or simply switch out a few winter items for some fresher looks, faux palm trees are an easy way to make your home feel summer-ready.

Fake palm trees are suitable for indoor and outdoor decorating, and also work well for special occasion decorating. Ready to make a seasonal update? Follow this guide to decorating for summer with artificial palm trees.

The benefits decorating with artificial palm trees

More homeowners are choosing to decorate with artificial trees, rather than living potted ones. Why? Not only do today’s faux trees look more realistic than ever, they also have many advantages over their rooted counterparts. 

Benefits of decorating with artificial trees include:

  • They are low maintenance. Artificial trees don’t need to be watered, re-potted, or pruned. They also don’t need sunlight, which is especially important for some indoor decorating.

  • They are cost-effective. High-quality artificial trees can last 5-10 years. Homeowners who keep theirs to be reused over many special events or seasonal changes will see a long term cost savings.

  • Artificial trees come in a range of varieties. Whatever style you’re looking for, you can find it in artificial trees. From palms to pines, nearly any look can be achieved by going faux.

  • They are pet safe.  Some real trees and plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern with real trees. Artificial trees keep everyone safe.

  • They can be used anywhere. Live in a cold climate but want that tropical feel? An artificial tree can thrive in any temperature or sunlight level, making them available to everyone. 

Indoor decorating ideas for artificial palm trees

Fake palm trees add a touch of the tropics to any room in the house. They evoke summertime vibes, or might remind you of a favorite vacation destination. These fun, joyful associations are some of the reasons palms are a popular indoor decorating choice. 

Here are some ideas for how to decorate your home using faux palm trees.

    • In an entryway. Welcome guests - and yourself - to your home with a burst of green by placing a fake palm tree in your home’s mudroom or entryway.

    • In the living room. Fake palm trees are especially good for brightening up dark corners of your living or family room - no sunlight required. Add a string of fairy lights to your tree and use it to cast a warm glow after sunset.

    • In a bathroom. Turn your bathroom into a zen getaway using fake palm trees to add a spa-like atmosphere.

    • In the bedroom. This is another great place to use a fake palm tree that has been outfitted with string lights. Lit trees make for soothing night lights, or bedtime reading companions.


  • For small homes or apartments, opt for palm fronds. If you want the summertime feel of a palm tree but don’t have space for one, use palm fronds instead. Place one or more in a bright vase to create a table centerpiece or a bookshelf decoration. 


    Outdoor decorating ideas for artificial palm trees

    Don’t forget about faux plants when decorating your outdoor spaces. Their versatility and low-maintenance upkeep make them a popular choice for homeowners looking to liven up their backyards, balconies, and decks. 

    Outdoor decorating uses for fake palm trees include:

      • On a balcony. Turn your apartment’s balcony into a tropical getaway by placing a fake palm tree next to your patio set.

      • In the doorway. Frame your front door with twin palms to create summer-ready curb appeal.

      • By the pool. Faux palm trees look extra at-home next to a pool or jacuzzi area. Place a series of trees around your soaking spot to add privacy and make an inviting oasis.

      • On the deck. Add color to your backyard deck space with artificial palm trees. Trim them with outdoor lights to create a warm glow for summer evening dinner parties.


  • Next to a water feature. Adding a palm to your backyard pondscape or fountain feature will bring lushness and exoticism to the scene. 

    Other summer decorating uses for faux palm trees

    Artificial palm trees are extremely versatile - yet another one of their many benefits. In addition to using them for summer home decorating, faux palms also look great in other seasonal settings. 

    • Weddings. Give your summer wedding destination vibes with an aisle or altar lined with palms. Or, use a group of fake palm trees to frame the DIY photo backdrop or cocktail station.

    • Garden parties. Set the scene with artificial palm trees interspersed with dining tables. Or, use them to frame the buffet station.

    • Restaurant patios. Create an inviting space for customers eager to enjoy food and drink on a summer restaurant patio. Food truck owners can use faux palms to frame their ordering window, adding a welcoming touch of green for visitors.
    • Storefront. Set a fake palm tree beside your store’s front door to get customers in the mood for summer shopping. Or, make your farmer’s market table stand out from the rest with a few eye-catching palms.

    • Photoshoots. Engagement photos, new baby announcements, senior pics - whatever shots you’re working on this summer, use artificial palm trees to create visual interest and framing. 

    Get summer ready with artificial palm trees from Nearly Natural

    Shake off winter’s chill with faux palm trees and palm fronds from Nearly Natural. Liven up your home’s interior, or add vacation vibes to a backyard setup. Affordable, versatile, durable, and colorful, fake palm trees work with any budget and any style. 

    Nearly Natural’s faux flowers, plants, and trees are incredibly lifelike and long-lasting. Every item is tested for quality before it ships. Crafted from premium materials and trusted by leading interior designers and influences, our products arrive ready for indoor and outdoor summer decorating and events. 

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