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Silk Stems


One of the latest trends you may see on social media is the use of decorative stems and twigs. Stems can evoke a stark beauty when placed on a light-colored wall, or as a focal point when placed in a vase on an end table. Nearly Natural offers a collection of twigs, branches, or several examples single blossoms on slender stalks. Some of the most beautiful items include our singular leaves, like a selloum philo leaf; an areca leaf; a fan palm; a yucca leaf; and a lotus leaf. If you can’t imagine how beautiful a single leaf could be, look in our catalog and see for yourself.

Stems Can Bring the Perfect Touch

At Nearly Natural, we want to help you win the heart of the one you love. There’s a saying: “say it with flowers” – and there is a good reason for that. You can choose from a wide range of silk flowers to gift your sweetie with something they’ll treasure forever. Remember red is the color of love, but other love-inducing colors include purple and pink. Many of the flowers we carry have fluffy petals that perfectly convey romantic feelings. We recommend roses, peonies, lilies, or bougainvillea’s to convey your intentions. Some of these bouquets are perfect to use at a wedding – if your courtship goes that far.

Touch Someone's Heart with a Flowering Stem

Can you remember the feeling you got from being in your childhood home? What are some of the types of flowers or plants you loved in your childhood yard? It might soothe your soul to have one of those trees or plants in the yard where you now live. Browse our catalog at Nearly Natural and find that special piece of greenery. Memories are powerful, and they can bring us joy any time we may need it. All of our plants are specially designed to authentically resemble their natural counterparts. Our mission has always been to exceed your expectations. See for yourself; you’ll be glad you did.

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