How and Where to Use Artificial Grass

Ever taken a drive through a residential neighborhood and notice the evergreen lawns of homes? Ever wonder if those pristine, perfectly trimmed green lawns that are actually the real deal because there’s a high possibility that what you're admiring is artificial grass! With the implementation of artificial grass on the rise, it's no surprise that people are starting to see its true benefits which is why we’re sharing a few ways on how, where, and why to use artificial grass because, despite common misconception... the grass actually can be greener on the other side!    

Pristine Front Lawn With Artificial Grass

Pristine Front Lawns  

Using artificial grass in the front landscaping of your home has grown in popularity over the past decade.  In places like California where water supplies are often regulated during drought, artificial grass is a great alternative in order to keep yards looking “home-worthy.” It’s that picture-perfect beauty that continues to drive the mentality that of which a front yard should always be looking its best no matter of weather or water (restrictions). Best part, you won’t ever have to worry about watering, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing!  

Kid Friendly Laws with Artificial Grass

Kid Friendly 

If you have kids in the home, artificial grass is a great alternative to real grass. Not only do they help alleviate slippery surfaces (thus minimizing tripping incidents), but you’ll soon notice less mud, rain, and dirty footmarks tracking throughout the outside - in addition to the inside! - of your home.  

Pet Approved Lawns with Artificial Grass

Pet Approved  

Have you noticed that a lot of dog parks have started switching out real grass for an artificial version?  Wonder why? That’s because of the benefits of artificial grass! If you decide to implement fake grass into your backyard for the sake of your pet, the next time you take Fido out in the rain, you won’t have to worry about him tracking in dirt, washing off mud and/or grass, or welcoming pests (like fleas and ticks) into your home. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about him creating unflattering eyesores like dug outs or discoloration.  Better yet, you won’t ever have to run a lawn mower over it nor oblige to daily maintenance and upkeep.   

Backyard Athletics with Artificial Grass

Backyard Athletics  

If sports play an active role in your family’s life and you have space, why not create your own athletic field? Easy to care for and requiring very little upkeep, you can easily create your own personal sports stadium without ever having to adhere to the weather; if it rains, play on! Fake grass provides for a less-slip surface which is why they’re used in professional sport stadiums around the world.  

Walkabouts and Walkways with Artificial Grass

Walkabouts and Walkways 

If you are looking to modernize the exterior of your property, why not update it by creating walkways throughout the exterior of your home. Even with the help of paving stones, high-traffic areas could benefit from artificial grass; entertaining areas could use an alternative surface while contemporary driveways can really help stylize the look of your home with higher durability and less maintenance.  

Al Fresco Entertaining with Artificial Grass

Al Fresco Entertaining 

Because artificial turf can provide visual appeal, it’s ideal for incorporating into your entertaining areas. Without having to mow or irrigate, you can effortlessly create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere and because it’s highly sustainable and can stand up to a lot of wear, it creates the perfect place for al fresco dining.  

Keep’n It Poolside With Artificial Grass

Keep’n It Poolside 

Landscaping with artificial grass will help keep the look of a natural green lawn without the worry of dirt and grass.  Additionally, it will also help eliminate the slippery surfaces that pool play creates. Green year-round and unaffected by the natural elements, your back yard will always be party-ready for family and friends without the daunting clean-up that usually follows suit to keep (the area) safe and hazard-free.  

Immaculate Backyards with Artificial GrassImmaculate Backyards 

Love the idea of a perfectly trimmed front yard?  Why not translate that same aesthetic to your backyard.  Especially since backyards often see more traffic due to children’s play, pets, and possible outdoor dining, it’s the perfect spot to implement fake grass for its durability, resistance to wear, and comfortable to enjoy; no itchy grass, no pesky pests, and no dirty messes - all of which allows you more time to enjoy outdoors with those you love without ever having to worry about the upkeep.  


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