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Silk Grass Turf

Do you have areas on your lawn where the grass just didn’t grow? Would you like to add a patch of artificial grass as an accent to your garden or landscaping plan? Nearly Natural offers several arrangements of artificial grass that look and feel so authentic; you’ll swear they are the real thing. We have two 4’x8’ carpets, and one 6’x8‘grass carpet. All of our artificial grass carpets are U/V resistant, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The best thing about these turf carpets is they will need no maintenance. Augment your yard and garden with a professional turf carpet.

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    At Nearly Natural, we want to be your “go-to”. We want to impress you so thoroughly we will always be on your mind. We want you to think of us the next time you need a gift. We want to be the reason your garden looks so great; the explanation for your landscaping secrets. We hope you choose us first whenever you want a new artificial plant. And, why not? For over 75 years, Nearly Natural has been the premier online destination for anyone seeking quality artificial plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements. Our mission is to exceed your expectations. Come, see for yourself!

  • A Sea of Green Grass

    When you walk through your home, is there a room that no longer makes you feel at home? Instead of redecorating, why not first add a silk plant, tree, or flower from Nearly Natural? Imagine the ideal space for a new focal point, measure it, and then browse our catalog to find the perfect addition to your home. We have a variety of tall, stately trees that can be displayed indoors and outdoors. You can choose from hundreds of plants to bring nature into any room. As for flowers, their bright colors and lacy petals bring a feeling of joy into the room.

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