How to Choose the Best Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

Over the years, fake flowers for window boxes have increased in popularity as more people realize its usefulness. Made from various types of synthetic materials, fake flowers serve as an excellent replacement for naturally grown flowers. These flowers provide fresh display all year long, giving you that gorgeous appearance you crave for.

The materials used in making these flowers differ, depending on how natural it should appear and the flower type and design. Thanks to advanced technology, faux flowers, especially silk flowers, now look real, so real, that you’ll hardly differentiate them from naturally grown ones.

Fresh naturally grown flowers are incredible, and they not only decorate your home but also give you all the problems with organic flora. Maintenance, allergies, noisy pets and children. Taking care of fresh naturally grown flowers isn’t easy. It costs a lot, and sometimes they won’t even bloom especially when out of season. Additionally, another issue these beautiful natural flowers have is their short lifespan. We know how stressful and expensive maintaining fresh, wild flowers can be - this is why artificial flowers can be an excellent choice for many interior decorators.

Fantastic Styles and Themes to Consider When Choosing Fake Flowers That Look Real

Whichever place in your home you want to decorate with a faux flower, it is essential to select a unique style, and a great theme to complement the space.

With that said, here are helpful tips on how to style fake flowers for the best results:

  1. First of all, the quality of the flowers dramatically reflects on the price. If you want something that feels and appears so real, then you should know that the price will be a bit higher and different from others.
  2. Mix them with natural fresh flowers. Yes, you heard that right. Consider this an "industry secret", this little trick will scheme all of your house guests - even the experienced florists into believing your floral collection is the real deal. To achieve this, you can combine fresh and fake flowers in the same vase. Another great idea is paring fake flowers in one vase, and fresh flowers in another, but using the same vignette for them.
  3. Use odd numbers using odd numbers. Make use of odd numbers of stems in order to make the floral arrangement more interesting and full of character. Using odd numbers like 3, 5, 7, and 9, among others, also helps you achieve a defining height and scale.
  4. Make use of fake stems that have parts that can be twisted or bent. With this, it would be easy to modify the blooms and stems into your desired position. ensure that you bend your stems at different lengths. Doing so will ensure that all your stems don’t end up having the same height in your vase. As you make some areas higher than others, your flowers appear full and properly scaled. This will make it very attractive and also create a great impression. Word of caution, make sure the stems are made from high grade materials! This is because cheaper branches can easily break - and it's VERY hard to decorate with broken stems.
  5. For bouquets, make sure you start with an inspiration flower, use other flowers and greenery you love as complementary to that inspiration flower, and build around it until you get an awesome design. Even though it's a good idea to not deviate from a particular design, sometimes it can be very rewarding to let your creativity flow in abstract ways, such as mixing a variety of flowers with two or more design styles.

Where and How to Decorate With Fake Flowers?

The beauty of artificial flowers is more than the material used in designing it. Just like the product development methodologies used to create them, where you place it also matters. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best places to use faux flowers to bring out the beauty in your home, office, and other living areas.

Amongst the many places to use fake flowers, the kitchen window stands out. Fake flowers look good when placed outside the kitchen window. They will also go well outside the bedroom window, so when you are buying these realistic designed flowers, ensure that you consider your kitchen and bedroom windows. Also, remember, there are several styles to choose from, and they also add to the beauty of your front porch, patio, and other outdoor spaces.

The Various Types of Flowers and Plants You Can Use for Your Window Boxes

Some flowers bloom in spring; other flora flourishes in autumn. Whichever flower type you want, there are different fake flowers for window boxes you can use, and here are some of them.

Succulents are trendy and beautiful; they are commonly used for planter boxes. Here is a blog we wrote about how to decorate with artificial succulents. Similarly, silk hydrangeas are a prevalent choice for lovers of beautiful decoration as it brings out the beauty of your windows, porch, and any other place it is used. Geranium, too is highly sought after because of the beautiful aura and scenery it creates.

Other fantastic choices include sunny daffodils, perky ranunculus, tulips, red roses, calla lily, and Easter lilies, just to name a few.

Top 3 Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

We just listed some great choices when it comes to fake flowers, but such a list can be exhaustive. To make things easier, we have selected top fake flowers for sale, awesome choices you can use right away for your box or window boxes.

Sold out


This flawless re-creation captures a beautiful river fern in its entire splendor. With soft fronds reaching every which way, ready to dance in the warm breeze, it’ll fill that decorating hole you have anywhere – home or office.

Season: Spring, Summer

Recommended Themes: Boho-style designs, traditional

Sold out


The beautiful river fern makes for a soft, delicate base for the wispy decorative grass that rises out of the center. This beautiful mix is then housed in an eye-catching, wooden box style planter, perfect for both home and office window ledges.

Season: Spring, Summer

Recommended Themes: Boho-style designs, minimal

Sold out


Keep that magical “touch of green” year round. Featuring several different leaf sizes, colors, and textures, the Golden Dieffenbachia, Philo and Pothos combine for a look that simply cannot be matched.

Season: Year-round, summer

Recommended Themes: Boho-style designs, minimal, traditional

Artificial Small Window Plants & Trees

Some people prefer the tiniest Bonsai plant available, and for these people, our 8.5” Bonsai set fits the bill perfectly. Lovingly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature trees look so lush, and so real, that you’ll be tempted to water them! Standing 8.5” tall, and rising from a decorative pot, this three-plant grouping will add charm to any home or office setting.

Design Tip:

  • Makes a perfect accent for a desktop
  • Can be used year-round
Sold out

Incorporate serious coloring throughout everyday spaces with this artificial geranium plant flaunting a collection of intricate silk flowers nestled atop vibrant green leaves peeping out from underneath - all of which is UV resistant, making it a great accent for both indoor and outdoor space without fearing damage from the natural elements. Contained in a ceramic planter, this 11” tall fake outdoor plant will make a pretty addition to home accents.

Design Tip:

  • The color will brighten any space
  • Complement with other flowers for a splash of color
Sold out

These are just a few of our numerous faux flowers, and you can always find more in our artificial flowers collection. We don’t just bring artificial flowers to you; we present the best artificial flowers made of high-quality materials that feel real to the touch - they’re Nearly Natural.

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