How to Decorate with Stems and Branches

No matter what season it is outside, it will always feel like spring inside with our extensive yet elegantly simple selection of artificial stems and artificial branches at your service. Thanks to their sculptural versatility and wild character, the decoration of any space with stems and branches offers creative and practical ways to make it feel more dramatic naturally. Imagine the possibilities with Delphinium Flower Stems, Succulent Artificial Flower, Eucalyptus Artificial, and Olive Bush with Berries Artificial Plant and nature as your ideal inspiration. Best of all, when you faux up your home with our fake branches and fake stems, you will get all the natural perks and then some.


If you want to refresh your home quickly, easily, and economically, read our guide for decorating with faux branches to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Choosing the Perfect Artificial Stems 

This part will be easy since Nearly Natural is your trusted source for premium-quality artificial branches. No need to worry about buying fake stems online that look and feel fake (shiny, rubbery, and waxy). We have a treasure trove of branches and stems so realistic you cannot tell they are artificial, which is critical to elevating your home decor. Our products not only look and feel lifelike, but our huge variety means you can make your home decor vision a reality.

Because your decorating vision is unique, you still need to keep in mind the following options when choosing the perfect stems for your project. We recommend our bestselling products that fit each scenario to better visualize what works for your home. Inspired by nature and crafted from quality materials, your dream arrangement is just a click away. 

  • Color

  • Like with all interior design projects, you start by choosing colors for your artificial stems arrangement. Having more color choices of artificial branches gives your creativity free rein. Select a palette of contrasting colors to energize a space instantly, like the 39" Artificial Delphinium Flower Stems (purple) and 31" Artificial Lily Flower Stems (yellow). Use complementary colors to harmonize a room, including our 20"Artificial Peony Flower Stems (pink) and 38" Artificial Palmate Fern Stems (green). Of course, it is always safe to stick with colors for the holidays, such as the 30" Artificial Flocked Berry Stems (white). This piece is flocked and is great for those Christmas parties. 

  • Height

  • Placing taller artificial branches like the 47" Artificial Bougainvillea Flower Stems can effectively round out your vertical space, particularly when used as centerpieces for furniture. Use various heights of artificial stems to add depth and dimension to your surroundings. Keep taller stems like the one above in the back and shorter ones, like the 13” Succulent Artificial Flower, in front. Your room will be anything but one-dimensional and dull. Vary your stem heights in any direction to create more visual appeal from every angle. But, feel free to bend these stems or trim them as need be to fit in your vase. 

  • Textures

  • Finally, do not forget to incorporate textures into your home with artificial stems. We offer everything from our 17” Poinsettia, Berry and Pine Artificial Flower Bundle (warm and fuzzy) to the 40" Artificial Golden Ruffled Fan Palm Stems (shiny and rough) to add even more depth and interest, both visual and tactile to your space. Mix and match artificial branches for unlimited possibilities.



    Natural Places to Decorate with Artificial Branches

    Thanks to their flexibility, you can bring the beauty of nature to every corner of your home with artificial stems. If you don’t know where to start using them, here are some popular rooms easily enhanced with Nearly Nature’s endless source of possibilities, including colors, textures, and styles. All without the maintenance 

  • Bathroom

  • Arrange them in a small vase and place them by your sink or on a shelf to add much-needed life to the bathroom. Whether you enjoy long soaks in the tub or take quick hot showers, we recommend our 40" Artificial Eucalyptus Stems to add a soothing spa-like atmosphere to your surroundings.

  • Bedroom

  • Spruce up your bedroom overnight with artificial branches like our 28" Artificial Olive Stems to enjoy the gift of nature from around the world. If you enjoy a taste of fake plants for home decor, read this entire guide to transform your most personal of spaces completely.

  • Kitchen

  • If the heart of your home, the kitchen, needs some excitement, add some artificial stems that your visitors will likewise fall in love with. Try the 21” Olive Bush with Berries Artificial Plant, which might be at home anywhere, but is perfect for the kitchen. 



    Styling Strategies For Artificial Stems

    Once you’ve chosen artificial branches to decorate with and where to place them, use these styling strategies to present them as charming and cohesive as possible.

    • Arrange stems in odd numbers (3,5,7, etc.) to give them a wilder, more organic appearance.
    • Go beyond the vase and arrange branches in baskets and big containers that won’t say, “I’m fake.”
    • Use dirt in your container to say, “I’m real.”
    • Bend and fluff them like you would real plants to reshape them naturally.
    • Don’t forget to dust them when you clean your house. Once a month is fine
    • Place your real plants with your fake ones to maintain the illusion they are all real.
    • Clean them with a microfiber towel, dusting each leaf one by one.
    • Look at your artificial stems arrangements from every angle so you can tweak them even after you’re done decorating.
    • Experiment and tweak with all the above until you get your artificial branches styling right for the look and feel you want.

    Real Perks of Decorative Stems by Nearly Natural

    Hopefully, reading this guide has made you think twice about artificial stems and artificial branches being anything but fake and tacky. When done right from the start, they can almost look like the real thing, which is why they can be at once decorative and practical. They’re also very durable, require zero maintenance, and are non-allergenic, a central concern when it's allergy season. Give thought to the bona fide perks of choosing Nearly Natural instead.

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