How to Design Your Indoor Plant Wall

Plant walls offer a complex, character-filled piece of decor that brings your home to life. When you or your guests walk in, you’ll see lush greenery and beautiful foliage decorating your wall. Indoor plant walls are all the rage right now on social media, and for a good reason: they look amazing.

There’s just one problem — you don’t know where to start. Living plant walls can be complicated to maintain. With Nearly Natural’s high-quality faux plants, you can design the perfect fake plant wall for your needs. Here’s what you need to know to get started. 

Choose the Perfect Spot 

Unlike with a living indoor plant wall, your faux plant wall can go anywhere in your home. Artificial plants don’t have sunlight requirements, so you get to choose the best spot for this new project. 

Consider your other decor elements when picking your indoor plant wall location. What colors will go best with fake greenery? Where do you want your plant wall to be most visible in your home? How much space will you have to work with for your wall? 

Many people put their plant wall decor in their living rooms, as these areas get the most traffic. However, you can also adorn your loft, mud room, sunroom, or any other indoor space with a plant wall. 

Take Measurements

You’ll need accurate measurements of the wall space you’re working with. This will tell you which fake plants can fit on the wall, as well as the amount of project supplies you’ll need. 

Some people only use a small section of the total wall space for plant wall decor. Others opt to use the whole wall. Test out different measurements and dimensions while keeping your final vision in mind. 

Choose Your Desired Fake Plants

Choosing your plant wall decor is the most important part of the process. At Nearly Natural, we have hundreds of options for fake greenery and flowers to meet your decorative needs. This project can easily transform your indoor space into a lush, lifelike oasis of greenery and floral accents. 

Wall Mats for Faux Plant Walls

We have a versatile selection of fake plant wall mats to get your project started. Each of our wall mats is full of realistic greenery that mimics a real indoor plant wall. Unlike real plant walls, however, you don’t have to irrigate these or meet any sunlight requirements. 

Consider how you want your final plant wall to look. If you want a simplistic wall mat base, our 12” x 10” Boxwood Mat (Set of 12) or 12” x 12” Eucalyptus Mat (Set of 8) will work best for you. 

Alternatively, if you want more colors and visual texture depth, consider our 20” x 20” Lush Mediterranean Artificial Fern Wall Panel or our 6” x 6” Purple & Green Clover Mat (Set of 12). Take these options’ measurements into consideration, as you may need to modify your total plant wall size accordingly. 

Pre-Made Artificial Plant Walls

We also offer pre-made plant walls that decorate your space perfectly. If you don’t want to curate your indoor plant wall yourself, these choices will save you time and hassle. 

Our 41” x 19” Mixed Succulent Artificial Living Wall and 40” x 40” Forest Artificial Living Wall both have everything you need for a pre-made plant wall. If you want to add additional plants, browse our artificial flowers for more options. 

Adding Colorful Florals: Faux Stems 

Our faux stems allow you to decorate your plant wall however you’d like. You can trim the stems for more versatility, adding our gorgeous silk flowers to your beautiful plant wall as desired. 

We have options for every color and texture preference. From seasonal flowers to mixed colorful arrangements, you can find whatever you need to spruce up your indoor plant wall. Green isn’t the only color you have to work with.

Plan Your Faux Plant Placements 

After figuring out the pieces you want for your plant wall decor, It’s time to decide where you’ll add them to create the most cohesive, desirable aesthetic. This is where your creativity can shine through. 

Your faux plant placements are completely up to you. You can use photos online for inspiration or take charge and test out brand-new ideas. No matter what you choose, your Nearly Natural plants will look lifelike and lush on your indoor plant wall.

Install Your Plant Wall 

There are many different ways to install your indoor plant wall. Generally, using a hot glue gun is the best way to ensure your plants stay in place throughout the year. Nearly Natural artificial plants are designed for DIY projects and versatile uses, so you don’t have to worry about ruining them with hot glue. 

You may need to adjust your plant wall mats to match your wall’s existing measurements. Depending on how much space you’ll be covering, it may also be necessary to use some or all of the mats that come in our wall mat multipacks. 

Try arranging your florals and greenery on each wall mat before gluing them down. This will allow you to experiment with different placements and visual elements before making a permanent decision. 

Why a Faux Indoor Plant Wall Just Makes Sense 

You’ve seen plenty of living plant walls online, and they look phenomenal. However, the upkeep and maintenance can be draining and bothersome. If you want all the gorgeous aesthetics of an indoor plant wall without the hard work, Nearly Natural plants are the smart choice. 

Living plant walls often need more complex care than normal living plants, making them time-consuming and very expensive. Our artificial plants and flowers don’t require any watering, sunlight, irrigation, or soil considerations. You can simply glue them down wherever you want them and be good to go. 

You also never have to worry about fading, withering, or dying with our faux plants. Your plant wall can retain its beauty for years.

Curate the Perfect Indoor Plant Wall With Artificial Plants 

At Nearly Natural, we have a wide selection of long-lasting and beautiful fake florals and greenery. Create the perfect plant wall decor for your home with our faux plants and flowers today.

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