How to Video: DIY Faux Fiddle Kit

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here to learn more about your NEW DIY Kit, that you’re going to love. Have fun, sit back and put your thinking hats on, your home is about to bloom.

Includes: Basket, Faux Tree, Rectangular Cardboard, Styrofoam, Spanish Moss


A DIY faux fiddle tree in a planter w/ moss

Estimated time: 5 minutes or less

1. Remove the plastic from the faux tree, then insert the trunk into the middle of the larger part of the Styrofoam until it feels sturdy.

2. Add the Styrofoam into the cardboard box, you’ll want it to be at the same surface level of the box.

A styrofoam inside a cardbox used for DIY tutorial

3. Add the cardboard box with the faux tree inside the basket, make sure the box is centered in the basket.

4. Once centered, add your Spanish moss, remember to stretch it, so it covers the interior diameter of the basket.

A fiddle leaf fig tree inside a planter decorated with artificial moss

5. Shape your tree by bending down the branches and then fluffing all the leaves

6. Enjoy your new faux tree, made by you sit back and admire

A faux fiddle leaf fig tree inside a basket w/ moss

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