The month of December is all about good cheer - but nothing helps bring on the full spell of the holiday spirit like the beautiful authentic and artificial flowers and plants that we’ve come to associate with Christmas. Whether your shopping for your home or for a gift, there’s no greater way to spruce up the holidays than with an accent that will last faux-ever. Today we're sharing the top eight flowers and plants to bring on that good ole' Christmas spirit.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Poinsettias

The Poinsettia 

Perhaps the most iconic flower for Christmas time is the brightly colored poinsettia. Sold in a variety of shades and patterns, they can grow from anywhere from a pale white to a bold red. Originating from Mexico as a flowering shrub, the ‘flame leaf flower’ was given its nickname by the Aztecs who used its petals to harvest dye from. Today they’re usually displayed on porches in oversized potters, lending homes a bold welcome to the holidays. We love the idea of showing them off indoors as a polished centerpiece on a bare table that could use a serious punch of color.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Christmas Roses

The Christmas Rose

Commonly known as the ‘winter rose,’ the Serissa (Christmas Rose) flourishes during the winter by showing off gorgeous white petals when in full bloom. In North America it’s tradition for young women to exchange roses with one another in the spirit of love and friendship. We love the idea of showing off long stems in a festive planter or an elegant garland beautifully displayed over the mantle for a chic holiday accent.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Amaryllis

The Amaryllis 

A more elegantly displayed flower, the amaryllis is tall and graceful. While a single flower bulb can make quite an enchanting centerpiece, an artificial version showcasing blooming petals can mimic the harking of the holidays. Red is typically a holiday favorite but an all-white one can be just as magical.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Orchid 

Beautifully modern, the orchid is a delicate touch for the holidays. Not only are they one of the most popular of the season, but they generally will outlast most seasonal flowers. And while red is the common go-to hue for this time of year, give color a rest and opt for something more winter-wonderland with pure white options.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Rosemary

The Rosemary 

Having made a comeback, Rosemary has only recently been added to the list of Christmas plants. As it was believed centuries ago that Baby Jesus’ clothes were dried on a rosemary bush, this newest addition is considered to bring good luck to those that smell it at Christmas time. More often than not, holiday decorators tend to incorporate this holy plant in the form of a well-pruned christmas tree. We love the idea of matching spirals set at the front door - all you have to do is provide the lights. 

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Holly

The Holly 

Usually sold artificially, holly is one of the most popular accents for the holidays as its bright red berries are instantly recognizable against dark green leaves. It comes as no surprise that its origins date back to the Druids who believed holly represented everlasting life. Today it continues to be commonly used while holiday decorating - whether placed amongst decor items (like a DIYed wreath!) or single stems used to decorate wrapped gifts.

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Mistletoe

The Mistletoe 

Also dating back to the time of the Druids, mistletoe is another common artificial plant sold during the holidays.  However, because it was originally a symbol of fertility, the red-berried plant was frowned upon by the Christian Church. Today is has evolved into the picture-perfect spot to steal kisses from a loved one. 

Iconic Christmas Flowers And Plants: Christmas Trees

The Christmas Tree 

And of course, the holiday season could not be complete without the mention of its seasonal star: the Christmas Tree. Often purchased live, the artificial christmas tree has risen in popularity due to its added benefits. Just like flowers, they also come in variations of Douglas, Fraser, Spruce, Pine, and countless more. As years have passed, size, color, and embellishments have evolved, allowing decorators endless opportunities for getting creative.


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