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It’s the little things in our surroundings that help to smooth the day away. Knickknack’s, decorative accessories, beautiful works of art and gorgeous floral help tell the world who we are. We’d like to think that our decorative accessory collection will help add that little extra something to your day. From silk flower candelabrums to artificial fruit Nearly Natural is here to help create and tell your story. As always we’re here to guide you in any way that we can. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a ring for some décor accessory décor tips.

Fake Plant Accessories, Pots And Baskets


When you buy a tree, plant, or arrangement of flowers from Nearly Natural, you will want to display it in style. Although some of the arrangements come in specific vases or baskets, there is a wide variety of pots, baskets, and plant accessories you can choose to enhance the natural beauty of your new purchase. For example, we have hand-woven jute baskets that will enhance many of our tree and plant styles. You could also choose a slate, wooden, or metal planter. There are also several ceramic planters with beautifully intricate flowers. Some of the stone or ceramic planters include gold accents

Pick the Perfect Planter or Pot

Those who subscribe to Nearly Natural already know how we are always creating more wonderful and whimsical surprises. We specialize in making items that authentically replicate natural flowers, plants and trees. Our experienced designers are all professional horticulture experts, and we inspect each item for its appearance. All of our items resemble their natural counterparts - and their textures also feel like the real thing. We have greenery from every part of the world. We invite you to browse our catalog; take advantage of our customer coupon, as well as any of our current promotions. We aim to exceed your expectations.

Planters and Pots For Every Tree

Are you having a party, and want to upgrade the decorations by adding flowers that correspond to the theme of that party? We encourage you to choose artificial plants, trees, flowers and other silk arrangements from Nearly Natural. Besides having plants that are environmentally friendly, you will have a supply of artificial greenery that will last forever with minimal maintenance. Imagine having a luau-themed party with authentic-looking palm trees? What about winter theme with a row of flocked silk trees? You wouldn’t have to pray for snow – because the fake trees will provide it for you. Take a look at your catalog and make your choices.

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