Indoors Home Decor with Artificial Potted Plants

There are quite a few home décor accents that go a long way. But none as much as artificial potted plants to truly liven a living area. Although artificial plants provide the comfort and warmth to bring a room together, the best part is that you can DIY any plant by adding your planter to reflect your style and aesthetic. For those larger spaces, we recommend tall indoor plants, to enhance the look. With 75+ years of experience, Nearly Natural designs the most-sought after faux greenery out there – trusted by leading interior decorators and top social media influencers, rejoice that our lifelike creations are an artistic rendition of nature. Explore our top tips for decorating with planter to enhance the look and feel of your space.

1. Use small plants

Small plants are an excellent choice for areas of all sizes – not only compact ones – especially for those with an awkward nook needing color or texture. Small plants can go a long way to liven your liven areas; think about it; you can add these small artificial plants in pots to places you never thought was possible. For example, instead of adding more clutter and knickknacks as décor pieces, consider enhancing nooks such as window boxes, dining tables, desks, and end tables. You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes in taking your décor to the next level. This is the secret of leading interior decorators in achieving that curated, on-trend look that you see in many glossy magazines. Especially when filling in nooks, faux plants are a more accessible option because live plants are harder to care for and might not thrive in a niche or awkward space.

2. Incorporate hanging plants

One way to style small plants and hanging plants is by displaying them through macrame. Not only is macrame an excellent technique for adding a bit of boho and eclectic flair to any space, but it can also serve as a great storing accent for displaying faux plants and other curiosities. For example, if you have a blank area in your bedroom walls, consider adding a macrame with several fake plants and watch as your home looks fab. In addition, we recommend adding a hanging macrame to a wall next to a window to brighten the area and illuminate your faux plant.

If you’re not sure about which hanging plant is suitable for your space, check out our top 10 hanging indoor plants so you can check out which one is best for your area. And for macrame, look at our top picks at budget-friendly prices for any home refresh. The best part about using faux plants and macrame includes the ability to refresh as the seasons change, often, we get a bit bored with our décor, but by changing it as the seasons come, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

3. Make a statement with a large artificial plant

If you have a larger space or are looking to make a big statement consider some large artificial plants in pots. Large artificial plants are perfect for any room no matter the size – so don’t worry if your space isn’t as prominent – you can still have your dream setup with nature-inspired horticulturist-designed artificial plants and trees. Before you begin decorating, consider a few things, such as where you’d like to place your new large faux tree. This will help you choose the right large tree; once you measure the size of the area, you’re interested in adding your new large faux tree.

We recommend choosing a plant about one foot smaller than your ceilings if you want a classy and high-end look. For example, if your ceilings are 8’ -- which most traditional homes are – consider adding a 7’ tree, so you have enough space to curate in a planter of your choice. This is an excellent tip to follow in general, including with Christmas trees. Even if you buy a slightly smaller tree, consider adding it to a planter to elongate the look and elevate the height. No need to return your new faux plants; get creative and add to a large planter.


How to secure artificial plants in pots?

To secure artificial plants in pots, it’s super easy. Since most plants come enclosed in a nursery planter for safekeeping, you can choose to put some newspaper or faux moss when adding it to a planter of your choice. This also helps make the faux plant look more natural and adds a touch of class. Don’t be worried; the nursery planter your new artificial tree comes in is strong and fits perfectly in pots of all sizes. Before you purchase a planter, measure the size of the nursery planter the tree came in; this way, it will fit in the vessel you are buying.

How to remove artificial plants from pots?

We don’t recommend you remove artificial plants from the planter they came in because you’ll damage the item and potentially not be able to use the product anymore. Instead, consider DIYing your artificial potted plant by choosing a planter of your choice. This also gives you more creating freedom when designing your space. Once you finally re-pot your plant in the planter of your choice, to remove just grab your tree by the trunk and remove it from the pot. It’s super easy! Just be careful with cleaning up if you added faux moss or newspaper to your DIY project. This applies to small artificial plants in pots, artificial potted plants indoors, and artificial outdoor potted plants. For outdoor-safe potted plants, look for the components such as faux soil and moss, as they can discolor with the outdoor elements.

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