Keep Calm & Stay (Faux) Green - Decor and Styling Tips

It's during uncertain times that anxiety can get to the very best of us. With a new lifestyle thrust upon us, we need to reevaluate the things in our lives to manage our mental health as we start to adjust with social distancing and spending a little bit more time indoors focused on ourselves. Now is the perfect time to pick up an old hobby - or even start up a new one, get back to an old project that you haven’t had time for, or simply enjoy the smallest indulgences of being housebound. And while cleaning your artificial plants might not be at the top of your To Do List, there’s still plenty of ways to create a soothing and calm environment indoors with artificial plants in order to help prevent you from going stir crazy during this trying time.

Help Beat the Blues with Fake Plants

Help Beat the Blues

While we start to adjust to our new semi-hermit lives, moods and stress levels will be put to the test as we re-accommodate our lives to live and work within closer quarters of our partners, roommates, and even family members. While this sounds like the ultimate staycation, this can easily lead to testing the limits on how we begin to interact and react to our new everyday living. A great way to keep you in a green-state-of-mind is to introduce fake plants to help provide that verdant beauty into a space, imitating that natural sense of life one seeks in living plants. While silk plants cannot clear our air, studies have shown that they have proven to simply make us feel better simply by admiring them. So next time you start to feel a little claustrophobic indoors, why not set yourself up somewhere you can easily enjoy hints of Mother Nature’s greenery. Designed from the finest materials, our artificial plants are made to mimic some of the most popular trees and plants in the natural world; their naturally occurring details and realistic looking qualities is what allows them to provide you with the most lifelike replica. From our best-selling artificial fiddle leaf fig trees to oversized artificial boston ferns, each provides an instant-focal point with a true-life representation.

Crafting & DIY Projects with Fake Plants

Crafting & DIY Projects

Now that we’re all holed up indoors, it's a great time to start homing in our inner-crafter and DIY urges. If you start to get bored with the look and feel of your house, why not log in to Pinterest and shuffle through all the home interior projects you can easily complete now that you have the time for it! Whether it’s a personalized artificial wreath, customizing your own unique flower arrangement with various loose stems, or simply re-creating small decorative accents to enhance your everyday living spaces, now is a great time to tap into your inner creative and get some of those pinned projects completed.

Creating Limitless Environments with Fake Plants

Creating Limitless Environments

Aside from injecting everyday surroundings with a fresh palette of natural evergreens, artificial plants can effortlessly transport you to the destination of your dreams. If you had a recent Spring Break vacation canceled or an international trip postponed, there’s no reason why you can’t still take yourself to the place of your dreams simply by doing a little redecorating and creating it with the help of artificial plants, fake trees, and silk flower arrangements. Looking to evoke a tropical location - opt for a fake bamboo palm or a faux bromeliad arrangement that beautifully balances brightly hued greenery with flirty tropical flowers. If a desert-inspired terrain is more to your liking why not introduce faux cacti and various succulents that can easily bring that sense of environment to life.

A Pretty State-of-Mind with Fake Plants

A Pretty State-of-Mind

Various research shows that flowers especially can have a serious impact on our feeling; not only can they help change a mood or attitude, but they easily evoke instant happiness. Because primary and secondary colors have a direct effect on our mood, you can easily shift the mood of your home or space simply by changing out the faux flowers you showcase depending on whether you want to create a brighter and happier surrounding. Orange and yellow flower arrangements will inject happiness while bouquets with shades of green will create an inner peace.

Remember, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy - so if you’re not happy with your purchase of fake plants, you can easily return them for a full refund or in exchange for another selection. Either way, we wish everyone in our community to stay safe and in a positive state of mind with just the right hint of Mother Nature’s beauty.

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