Outdoor Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

Outdoor weddings never go out of style. They also never go out of season - spring, summer, winter, and fall each has its own charms when it comes to hosting an outdoor wedding. Couples can choose the season that fits their preferred activities, weather, or even to match the time of year they first met. 

But while outdoor weddings are timeless, outdoor wedding decor does change with the changing times. Flower trends come and go, for example, and 2024 is no different. Gone are the days of minimalism, or limits on acceptable wedding colors. This year, couples are branching out with bold looks and fresh ideas. 

Here are the 5 outdoor wedding flower trends that are tops for 2024. 


What better way to mirror the nature that surrounds your outdoor wedding than by decorating with generous bunches of wildflowers? 

People love gazing over fields of wildflowers, even traveling to national parks or other wildflower locations to experience seasonal blooms. Adding that same wonder and awe to nuptials is a major outdoor wedding trend for 2024. 

There are dozens of varietals of wildflowers. Your outdoor wedding flower arrangements should include multiples of them. Think daisies, poppies, verbena, primrose, and black-eyed susans. Wildflowers also come in a variety of colors, so a bunch of them will usually complement any wedding color palette. 

Place bunches of wildflowers on tables in boho-inspired vases. Create a bridal crown using wildflowers. You can even give small bouquets of wildflowers as surprising wedding favors your guests will adore.


Minimalism is out and maximalism is IN as one of the most exciting outdoor wedding trends of 2024!

As opposed to the “less is more” principle of minimalism, maximalism is a “more is more” philosophy that has gained a strong following in recent years. 

What does maximalism mean for your outdoor wedding flower arrangements? One way to interpret this trend is to double the amount of flowers you’d normally expect at a wedding. More is more, after all, and you want to go big when executing the maximalism trend. Another way to do maximalism is by mixing varietals and using a wide color palette.

Create oversized bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids. Take table centerpieces to new heights. Don’t limit your color palette to 2-3 shades - incorporate the full rainbow of flower colors into your maximalist outdoor wedding. 

Non-traditional color palettes

Often a partner to the maximalism outdoor wedding decor trend is the turn towards non-traditional color palettes for wedding flowers. 

Couples are looking to energize their celebrations, and what better way to do so than through the power of bold, unexpected colors. Think, fewer pastels and more jewel-toned, ombre, or contrasting color palettes. 

This trend also sees couples moving away from coordinating outdoor wedding flower arrangements and towards a mix and match approach. For example, each Bridesmaid might be holding a different bouquet. Or, each table might have a different centerpiece. 

Flower arches 

You can thank Instagram and other social media for this outdoor wedding trend. Flower arches are the “it” item for 2024 outdoor weddings in part because they make excellent photo-op backgrounds.

And don’t think that flower arches need to be limited to the altar, even if that’s a great place to have them. Flower arches can also be placed at the entrance to your wedding venue, behind a gift table or cocktail bar, or as a backdrop for a reserved photo booth-like area at the reception. 

Your arch can be designed to match any other of the outdoor wedding trends on this list. Give yours a maximalist look, or cover it in wildflowers. Flower arches are versatile, and a definite crowd pleaser for any outdoor wedding. 


Eye-catching centerpiece vases

Leave the clear or understated flower vessels in the past! Remember the mason jar trend? It’s so pre-pandemic. One of the most fun outdoor wedding decor and flower trends of 2024 is the move towards more creative flower vases and non-traditional flower vessels. 

Couples are turning to dramatic centerpiece vessels, including milk glass bowls, extra-tall vases, and non-matching vases that bring an eclectic look to your outdoor wedding.  

Another option that follows this trend is the natural vase look, which includes using baskets, boxes, and other neutral colored everyday objects as centerpieces. 

Faux flowers

The outdoor wedding trend of 2024 that pairs well with every other trend on this list is the move towards decorating with artificial flowers. 

This non-traditional approach to outdoor wedding flower arrangements has gained a devoted following thanks to the environmental, financial, and personalization benefits. 

Here are just some of the reasons couples cite as to why they’re making the switch to faux wedding flowers:

  1. Lower cost. According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers in 2023 was $2,800. Using artificial flowers usually lowers the total cost a couple will spend on stems by 50% or more.

  2. More color options. Unlike their fresh counterparts, silk flowers can come in any color you choose. This is useful when trying to match your flowers to your wedding’s color scheme. Or, when going for that maximalist or non-traditional color palette trend!

  3. Silk flowers are more durable. This is especially a concern when buying outdoor wedding flowers - you don’t want them to wilt or be damaged by a gust of wind or sudden rain. Artificial flowers remove the stress from worrying about whether or not your arrangements will last throughout the event.

  4. They are reusable. Eco-conscious couples often reuse their fake wedding flowers, whether as rotating dinner party decorations or by reselling them to another bride and groom. 

  5. They look picture perfect - every time. The quality of fake flowers has dramatically increased over the years. Today’s products often look even better than their fresh counterparts. And, they never wilt, break, brown, or falter. 

Nearly Natural has all the artificial flowers you need to realize your outdoor wedding flower dreams. From DIY stems to pre-arranged flower centerpieces, our high-quality faux blooms are on-trend and outdoor wedding-ready for 2024 and beyond.

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