Plant Jokes for April Fool's Day 2020

If you’re a sap for plant puns - join the club because so are we and in honor of the approaching April Fool’s Day As you could tell, we've had enough looking at our silk & fake orchids collection, so we’re gonna tickle your funny branch by indulging your inner comedic with a few funny plant jokes and plant puns we hope you don’t think succ! And who knows, perhaps they’ll leaf you wanting for more…

I think my plant is sick…. It's looking a little bit green

Plant Joke_1

Its not possible to plant flowersIf you haven't botany

Plant Joke_2

My wife told me I planted the wrong flowers…. oopsie daisy

Plant Joke_3

What is the most frightening plant? …. BamBOO!!!

Plant Joke_4

What do you call an upper class plant… A bourgeoitree

Plant Joke_5

What does a plant say when picking up the phone?... Aloe?”

Plant Joke_6

What part of a plant has the most friends? … The Bud

Plant Joke_7

That annoying friend that never leafs you alone.

Plant Joke_8

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