Summer Plants & Flowers for the Perfect Entryway

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time for a home decorating refresh. 

One of the best places to start a seasonal design project is with an entryway. It’s usually a smaller space, which makes tackling it less daunting. Additionally, it’s the first thing you and your guests see when they come to your home, making it an instant impact project. 

If you’re new to decorating with artificial entryway flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs, we’re here to help. More homeowners are turning to faux plants for their design needs than ever before, encouraged by the high quality of today’s artificial plants, their cost-effectiveness, and other benefits. 

Let’s take a look at how to use faux summer plants and flowers to create your perfect seasonal entryway. 

Outdoor entryway ideas

When you think about an entryway, you might just think about an interior home space, like a foyer or mudroom. But the area right outside your front door is also an entryway, and an important one at that. It’s the first thing you and your guests will see when approaching your home. 

Boost your home’s curb appeal and create a welcoming, summery vibe with these decorating ideas using artificial entryway flowers and plants:

  • Frame your front door with artificial trees

  • Give your front door an instant lift by framing it with matching faux trees. To create a summer look, try faux fruit trees or Mediterranean-inspired olive trees. Another great option this time of year is a topiary. These whimsical plants give your outdoor entryway the look and feel of an English garden. 

    If your front door receives a lot of direct sunlight, you might want to opt for UV-resistant trees, which will give you years of use, increasing their cost-effectiveness. 

  • Add hanging baskets to a front porch

  • Does your outdoor entryway include a front porch? Consider using hanging flower baskets to give this high visibility area a quick summer makeover. Baskets are popular entryway plants for a reason. A set of baskets evenly spaced is eye-catching and creates a homey porch. 

    If you enjoy sitting on your front porch for sundowners or later, consider adding strings of battery powered lights to the baskets to create a charming summer ambiance for your evenings. 

  • Place colorful flower planters by the door or on stairs

  • Summertime is all about colorful blooms and luscious greens, and fake porch plants help you maximize the season. Add color and greenery to your outdoor entryway by placing bountiful faux flower planters near your door or in an entryway corner. Another idea is to line one side of your entryway stairs with small, flowering planters to create a garden path right up to your front door.

  • Hang a seasonal wreath on your door

  • Artificial wreaths are an easy way to mark the changing seasons and holidays with entryway plants and flowers. To decorate your door in the summer, choose a wreath of seasonal blooms, such as sunflowers, lavender, or hydrangeas. Coordinate your wreath with trees framing your doorway for a complete outdoor entryway look. 

    Indoor entryway ideas

    Next, you’ll want to update your indoor entryway for summer as well. How many flowers and plants you can use will depend on the size of your space and your personal preferences. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Place a summer bouquet on your entryway table

  • Set a large bouquet of artificial entryway flowers on a table to add a pop of color to your entryway. Build your own bouquet using artificial flower stems and greenery. Or, keep it extra simple with a pre-designed bouquet that matches your home’s style. Another idea is to place two matching bouquets on each side of a table, framing a mirror or artwork, similar to using trees to frame the entryway door. 

  • Hang a wreath on the inside of the door

  • Wreaths aren’t just for the outside door! They’re also the perfect indoor entryway plants, helping you refresh a space. Create a homey interior look by hanging a summer wreath on the inside of your door. Coordinate the wreath’s colors with any faux flowers or trees you have elsewhere in your entryway. Or, go with an all-green wreath, which matches anything you already have in that space. 

  • Add a faux tree 

  • Artificial trees are a decorator’s trick for making a big, empty space feel more cozy and inviting. Add one to an empty entryway corner for an instant lift. Or, place a tree next to your entryway table to help frame that space. Summer-y faux trees include fruit trees, olive trees, topiaries, and flowering trees. Place the tree in a seasonal basket or crate for extra design.

    Why decorate with faux plants?

    Not everyone has a green thumb. For those who aren’t interested in the care that live plants require, but still want to enjoy colorful blooms and greenery, fake porch plants and artificial flowers and trees are a low-maintenance option. 

    Artificial plants are also cost-effective. Today’s high quality artificial plants keep their like-new appearance for 5-10 years. Instead of buying real plants every time you want a refresh, simply keep a small supply of artificial ones you can rotate through based on the seasons or your moods. 

    Another reason to go artificial is safety. Some real plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern. Artificial plants keep everyone safe

    Decorating a sunny space? Consider UV-resistant plants. 

    One concern that often comes up when homeowners are considering decorating with fake porch plants and artificial entryway flowers, is whether or not they will fade or become damaged by the sun. 

    UV-resistant plants from Nearly Natural have been treated with a blocker sprayed onto them during manufacturing. This substance absorbs the UV rays, protecting the plant’s color and structure, and ultimately giving your outdoor artificial plants a longer lifespan.

    More summer decorating ideas

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