The Best Artificial Arrangements for Mother's Day

Are you feeling the pressure to find the perfect Mother's Day gift? Don't worry, we've got you covered! At Nearly Natural, we're a mother-and-son duo, so we know firsthand how important this holiday is. That's why our designs are always approved by mom! Our team of interior decorators love silk arrangements because they're low-maintenance and always in bloom, which is perfect for the busy mother who deserves a break. Our nature-inspired arrangements are great for Mother's Day and will last faux-ever. Every time she looks at it, she'll be reminded of this special day. Our low-maintenance silk blooms are a game-changer for the busy mom that needs one less worry. Don't worry about our faux greenery looking fake, we use a special manufacturing method to make them appear as life-like as possible. Our arrangements are even a favorite among leading social media influencers and interior designers. Let us help you make this Mother's Day one to remember

30” Bougainvillea Artificial Plant in Stone Planter

Color, full of life and always in bloom. The bougainvillea is a show-stopper that packs a ton of vivid hues. Native to tropical regions, this colorful piece is sure to make her day and liven wherever displayed. The modern planter makes it the perfect choice for a window sill, entryway, or as a decorative accent. Shop our Bougainvillea Artificial Plant.

Faux & Artificial Stems

Why not show her a unique, one-of-a-kind arrangement that you made yourself? This will surpass any arrangement you buy and go a long way at making her remember the day. DIY and show her how much she means to you, mix and match with different stems and house in a vase of your choice. This is the the best artificial arrangement for mother's day.

Follow these steps to DIY an arrangements for mother's day

  1. Choose the stems that you want to use. We recommend choosing a few such as tulips, orchids, daisies and peonies. These are popular styles that stand the test of time.
  2. Pick a vase that matches with her existing decor or one of her favorite colors. We recommend ceramic, glass or another high-quality material.
  3. On top of the vase, put some tape in horizontal and vertical lines so you know where to place each stem, this makes the process a lot easier for you. These are secrets from interior decorators that will elevate your design.
  4. Add a bow to the vase and a caring note. To ensure the longevity of this special piece, make sure to feather dust about once a month and that’s it.

Cymbidium Orchid Artificial Arrangement

Simple, classic and en-vogue. You can’t go wrong with a traditional silk flower arrangement that’s available in all colors. She can place this on a coffee table and watch as her space comes to life, a little touch goes a long way without any need for watering. It’ll last longer than a fresh one. Shop our Cymbidium Orchid Arrangement here.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Artificial Tree

Inspired by the best of Japan, the cherry blossom is sure to impress wherever displayed. The mini tree has vivid colors, a lifelike trunk and is housed in a black vase for a natural touch. While many people think cherry blossoms are only for spring, they’re a great choice for year-round use. Elevate her space today with a stunning mini bonsai tree.

Bird of Paradise in Black Glossy Cylinder

Give her a staycation that’ll she’ll actually enjoy, she won’t have to lift a finger. The bird of paradise is synonymous with the tropics, the vivid hues radiate sunshine wherever displayed. Best of all? It requires no care whatsoever, extending the vacation even longer. Some places where it looks great: kitchen islands, entryways, dining tables and side tables. Shop our Bird of Paradise here.

20’’ Cattleya Orchid Artificial Floral Arrangement in Cylinder Vase

This orchid arrangement is exotic. Not only does it look incredibly lifelike but also adds much detail with the clear vase showcasing vivid hues. You can see the attention to detail in the faux water, moss and river rocks in the bottom just as in the wild, making this choice a customer favorite. Make her day with this gift that’s sure to liven her interior decor.

Rubrum Lily with Large Cylinder Arrangement

Talk about a statement piece, you can’t go wrong with this lily arrangement that was inspired by chic hotel centerpieces. Now you can get that over the top look no matter where you live, without worrying about watering the flowers. An everlasting bloom that packs color and visual interest, gift her a present that’s just as special as she is.

Hydrangea with Cylinder Silk Flower Arrangement

Be bold. If she loves pieces that add drama in any room, then this Hydrangea is the right choice. Pillow-like blooms are accented by lush, green leaves for a stunning sight. You’ll notice the attention to detail in the faux water at the bottom, everyone will think they’re real. Offered in multiple colors, choose her favorite or buy her the whole set, she won’t mind.

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