The Best Artificial Plants for Your Kitchen

As some would argue, the kitchen is the most recognized and the best room in the whole house – okay, this might be the only topic we can all agree on. But, it's true. A kitchen is a place for sharing stories through culinary exploration alongside the people we love most. That's why it's essential to curate a space to love so you can create new memories while sharing those stories. In addition, kitchens bring us closer to nature through the aromas and smell of the different ingredients we use in the recipes that grace our dining rooms. But did you know? Adding silk plants for your kitchen, is an excellent way to liven and feel closer to the world around us.

But don't be scared to refresh your space with artificial plants. Here at Nearly Natural, we craft the most realistic artificial plants that grace the covers of design magazines, social media influencers, interior designers, and home décor lovers. With 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry, horticulturists craft every fake plant with meticulous attention to capture mother nature's beauty at every stem, branch, and trunk. So upgrade your kitchen décor today and begin telling the stories of faux plants from around the world no matter where you live.

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For a covering that's a little more delicate (and with a lot more detail), one would be hard-pressed to find a better choice than this beautiful collection of interconnecting eucalyptus mats. Measuring a sizable 12" X 12" each, these mats come in a set of 8, and cover a lot of ground. Best of all, these mats can be used in several patterns, creating near-infinite combinations.

Why we love it for kitchens – You've probably seen the living wall trend in your favorite med-spa, restaurant, or café. So why not recreate the look in your kitchen as well? There's no better way to feel as you're cooking al-fresco than with a faux nature-inspired living wall to complement the kitchen.

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This giant artificial dieffenbachia looks like you just dug it out of your yard and placed it in a planter! But, of course, you won't believe that it is fake. Arriving in a stone planter, it's a great addition to a porch or sunroom - anywhere you want to bring the outside in. The detailed natural pattern brightens your space without it being too overbearing. The best part is that this natural faux plant requires no maintenance.

Why we love it for kitchens – Not only do the bright, large glossy leaves add color, they can also help your space feel more light and airy without becoming too much. We love adding this fake plant to the kitchen island center for a little more hue.

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Flaunting a thick, spiky appearance, the succulent garden artificial plant in green and orange hues is complimented with a stylish black planter. With a height of 12 inches, it fits just about anywhere. You can place this on the center table of your living room, bedroom, or enclosed patio. To complete the look, settle a jute area rug below the table and position this piece on top as a centerpiece to sport a desert-chic look.

Why we love it for kitchensArtificial plant Succulents bring warmth to any space effortlessly and quickly, this is why we love them for the kitchen. They instantly brighten any area without much work

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At 3 feet tall, this artificial lemon tree features lush, smooth-edged green leaves that complement and surround the small bright yellow lemons nearly hidden in the foliage. Yellow and green paint a beautiful contrast that will highlight any space. Position this artificial tree next to your breakfast nook with other fake fruit set on the table for a spring scheme.

Why we love it for kitchens – We love the fresh, citrusy look of the lemon tree for the kitchen. What better way to feel closer to the tropical oasis than with a faux lemon tree – without the maintenance.

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Several spines are scattered across the surface of the broad stem of this artificial cactus plant. With two other cacti branching out from the central stalk, this piece is a stunning decoration for an entryway, hallway, or any additional tight space. Coming in a modern pot, it'll bring a southwestern flair into your home. Just place it on a small table to elevate it off the floor for your guest to see.

Why we love it for kitchens – Adding a southwestern touch to any kitchen instantly brings warmth and character. We recommend adding it in a bare corner in need of some color. Complement with hanging indoor plants for an elevated look and feel.

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