The Best Silk Flowers for an Outdoor Wedding

More couples than ever are opting for silk wedding flowers over fresh ones - even if they’re having an outdoor wedding. The reasons? Brides and grooms cite everything from more color options, to reusability, to ease of care, to cost and availability as helping them decide to go faux. 

Most importantly, they look just as good - if not better - than fresh flowers, ensuring you’ll have the picture-perfect wedding of your dreams. And we know how finicky blooms can be, from seasonality to weather conditions, having your dream flower is not a guarantee. But with faux, you’re for sure going to have your chosen flower, year-round, without the stress. 

If you’re considering silk or artificial outdoor wedding flowers, there are a number of factors you’ll want to weigh before making your choice. Time of year, personal preference, and event space layout could all play a role in the selection. This guide will help you choose the best silk flowers for your upcoming outdoor wedding. 

The benefits of choosing silk flowers over fresh

Here are just some of the benefits couples see when they decorate with artificial outdoor wedding flowers:

  • Lower cost. According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers in 2023 was $2,800. Using artificial flowers usually lowers the total cost a couple will spend on stems by 50% or more.
  • More color options. Unlike their fresh counterparts, silk flowers can come in any color you choose. This is useful when trying to match your flowers to your wedding’s color scheme.
  • Silk flowers are more durable. This is especially a concern when buying outdoor wedding flowers - you don’t want them to wilt or be damaged by a gust of wind or sudden rain. Artificial flowers remove the stress from worrying about whether or not your arrangements will last throughout the event.
  • They are reusable. Eco-conscious couples often reuse their fake wedding flowers, whether as rotating dinner party decorations or by reselling them to another bride and groom. 
  • They look picture perfect - every time. The quality of fake flowers has dramatically increased over the years. Today’s products often look even better than their fresh counterparts.

Outdoor weddings come in all styles, sizes, and seasons. Luckily, so do silk wedding flowers. Here are some examples of the best faux options based on the type of outdoor wedding. 

Silk flowers for a summer wedding

Summer blooms are bright and lively, and summer weddings are often the same. Popular summer wedding flowers include hydrangea, roses, peonies, and orchids. 

Another possibility in summer is a beach wedding. If you’re looking for a tropical vibe, think about using hibiscus, bird of paradise, or succulents as your summer wedding flowers

Silk flowers for a winter wedding

Depending on your local climate, an outdoor winter wedding might be a great choice. This time of year, many couples use flowers with traditional holiday themes and colors, including holly, pine, and poinsettias. 

If holiday chic isn’t your style, there are plenty of options that reflect the season in other ways. Colorful wedding flowers that look on point in the winter include rich-hued mums and dahlias, burnt orange and ivory arrangements, or classic red roses. 

Nearly Natural has silk flowers for outdoor weddings in any season, including autumnal tablescapes, cherry blossom bouquets for spring, and everything in between.

Silk flowers for wedding tables 

One of the most common uses of fake wedding flowers is as table decorations. Cocktail tables, buffet tables, and dining tables all get a boost when adorned with a centerpiece or tablescape. 

Using silk flowers for your tables is also a great stress-buster. Faux flowers can be set up in advance, and will look as lively from the first cheers to the last dance. They’re also exceptionally reusable, such as during a future dinner party or birthday celebration. 

Some silk flowers come ready-made in centerpiece form, so all you have to do is place them throughout the dining area. You can also buy stems and greenery to make your own silk flower table arrangements. It all depends on how DIY you’re feeling and the style you’re looking to achieve. 

Silk flowers for evening weddings

Get your evening wedding or wedding reception glowing with light-trimmed flowering trees or large floral arrangements. Silk flower centerpieces with built-in candelabras are another popular choice for evening weddings, and make it easy for your decorations to do double duty. 

Evening weddings are also where the color options of silk flowers become a real advantage. Many couples go with non-traditional flower colors, like deep navy or even black to create a dramatic night time feel.

Silk flowers for wedding bouquets 

Your wedding bouquet will see a lot of action on your wedding day - from photo shoots to the flower toss. Silk flower bouquets stay looking their best through it all, and won’t wilt or brown with use. 

Colorful wedding flower bouquets can be purchased in pre-arranged form, or you can buy individual stems to create your own design. Faux stems also make for uniform and long-lasting boutonnieres and corsages. 

Other faux plants to create your dream wedding

In addition to using artificial outdoor wedding flowers, consider incorporating other fake plants into your partyscape to create ambiance and effect. 

Fake trees, for example, can be used to line outdoor wedding aisles, or create a semi-enclosed space for cocktail receptions and dance floors. 

Faux flower arches are another popular wedding decoration. Set them up as an easy outdoor photo backdrop. Or, use an arch to create a wedding altar. 

Finally, wall mats make for especially on-season summer wedding flowers. They’re another option for creating a photo area backdrop, for example. Attached to trellises, they also help section off outdoor spaces, or provide privacy for outdoor restrooms and service stations. 

Colorful wedding flowers to fit any style

It’s no surprise that silk flowers and artificial plants are growing in popularity with couples and wedding planners alike. Affordable, versatile, durable, and colorful, they work with any budget and any style. 

Nearly Natural’s faux flowers, plants, and trees are incredibly lifelike, and tested for quality before they ship. Crafted from premium materials and trusted by leading interior designers and influences, our blooms arrive ready to make your wedding decorating dreams come true.

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