The 10 Most Popular Fake And Artificial Houseplants

Are you looking to do a little sprucing around your home but not sure how to get started? How about incorporating some faux-ever freshness into bland, boring spaces with the help of an artificial plant that can instantly evoke a hint of natural beauty. As most (interior) decorators are aware, greenery has a huge impact on our home; not only can it easily transform a space with verdant tones, but it can fill a void space by creating an attractive focal point that would otherwise go unnoticed. And while living, breathing plants can help cleanse air and its pollutants, they also require maintenance and strict diligence to ensure they thrive in their dedicated spaces. However, if you lack a green thumb, invest in an artificial replica that will remain faux-ever fresh and beautiful no matter how little attention or love you give it. If you’re drawing a blank on where to start, today we’re sharing just a few of the most popular houseplants and how you can easily achieve their same lifelike quality with an artificial replica.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Houseplant

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Having grown in popularity with the help of Instagram, the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree takes the cake for one of the most popular house plants. Because they require a good amount of light, the artificial replica of this tropical tree is a great alternative for those who don’t have enough natural light in their homes. Ranging in various sizes, you can opt for a tall, thinner version or even a more robust option for smaller spaces that could use a burst of life. Shop All Fake and Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Plants here.

Spider Plant Houseplant

Spider Plants

A common houseplant, spider plants are still a popular go-to for home interiors. While real ones help purify the air, the variegated tones of this evergreen plant help inject instant color and freshness. With the help of their arching leaves, spider plants also add dimension and texture to everyday spaces, making an artificial hanging version perfect for enhancing vertical spaces. Shop All Fake and Artificial Spider Plants here.

Spathiphyllum Houseplant


Also known as the Peace Lily, this common house plant adds a hint of sophistication wherever displayed with its elegant white blossoms and glossy green leaves. While living ones require a good amount of moisture and low lighting, an artificial spathiphyllum is ideal for those who prefer a no-maintenance evergreen. Shop All Fake and Artificial Spathiphyllum Plants here.

Air Plant Houseplant

Air Plant

Popular amongst those that love to create their own mini terrariums and miniature gardens, air plants are a great go-to for those looking for minimal upkeep. Course, while living air plants do require bright light and weekly watering, an artificial air plant can easily be displayed without a second thought. If you love injecting tiny splashes of greenery to bare surfaces, opt for a set of loose stems that you can easily display as a collection or individually throughout a space. Shop All Fake and Artificial Air Plants here.

Aloe Vera Houseplant

Aloe Vera

Functional and fashionable, aloe plants are a popular choice for the houseplant aficionado as their gels serve as medicinal purposes. Being a succulent, it requires very little water but prefers dry sandy soil. With amazing life-like qualities, you can achieve the same realism with any of our artificial aloe plants, each intricately designed with realistic-looking pointed leaves that naturally fan upwards just like the real thing. Shop All Fake and Artificial Aloe Vera Plants here.

African Violets Houseplant

African Violets

If you like flirty flowers that bloom in bursts of color, African Violets make for great home accents. While these living flowers can be a bit finicky when it comes to maintenance, an artificial replica allows you to enjoy their beauty without the daunting doom that they might wilt and die. Whether you like a soft pastel or prefer a regal purple hue, our realistic looking African violets would make an appealing impact wherever displayed. Shop All Fake and Artificial Violet Plants here.

Sansevieria Houseplant


The Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant, is one of the most popular house plants due to the fact that they’re basically forgettable; meaning they require very little attention and can tolerate a wide range of living conditions. Lucky for you, we offer a wide collection of artificial sansevieria plants, varying in variegated tones of dark green and yellow to perfectly complement a wide range of home interiors. Shop All Fake and Artificial Sansevieria Plants here.

Bromeliads Houseplant


In the natural world the bromeliad is a high-maintenance plant, often found nestled in the trees so that they can have access to unlimited light and proper aeration for their roots. With an artificial bromeliad, you have the freedom to flaunt these brightly colored plants wherever you feel is necessary. Better yet, the vivid blossoms showcased throughout are a great way of evoking instant (maintenance-free) freshness wherever displayed. Shop All Fake and Artificial Bromeliad Plants here.

Croton Houseplant


If you’re looking for a serious pow factor, the croton is your go-to. While they project instant freshness and easily brighten, living crotons can be quite harmful if consumed in large quantities. Another reason why you should go with an artificial croton? Our faux replicas require absolutely no light and still project natural, lifelike beauty throughout vivid, earthy hues. Shop All Fake and Artificial Croton Plants here.

Philodendron Houseplant


Often displayed with tendrilling foliage, philodendrons are a great way of utilizing greenery to elevate vertical spaces. While this low-care houseplant can survive most light conditions, an artificial philodendron won’t require clipping or watering unlike its realistic relatives. Whether you opt for an evergreen arrangement or a faux hanging rendition, philodendrons have a way of bringing brightness into any space they inhabit. Shop All Fake and Artificial Philodendron Plants here.

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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