Silk Croton Trees | Artificial Croton Trees

These lush fake croton trees offer dense tropical coverage with wide green leaves and realistic red and yellow tones throughout. Various heights to choose from let you match the perfect tree to your space. As with many houseplants, live crotons need a tricky blend of light, humidity, and watering to survive…no such problems with these fake croton trees! Our artificial croton trees are sure to bring a tropical feel to any room all through the year. From smaller trees to larger, fuller taller faux croton trees, feel confident in adding a little color to your space.

Why We're a Cut Above the Rest


Here at Nearly Natural, we take pride in our faux croton trees, they’re one of our most lifelike trees sure to make a difference in your space. Horticulturists with 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry craft every nature-inspired item and capture mother nature’s beauty at every stem, branch, and leaf. Because of this experience, we’ve become the premium choice for interior decorators and social media influencers for home décor. You’ve probably already seen our designs at the trendiest and most popular spots. And now, you can get the same look without breaking the bank and with very little maintenance.

Where to Decorate with Silk Crotons

No matter where you want to decorate, we know that it can get a bit difficult at times, but don’t worry, this is why our team is here to help you. Before you shop, first decide on which space you’d like to decorate, then remember to measure your space, and note this number. This step will help you avoid messy returns. Now that you’ve narrowed down the measurements of the space you’re looking to decorate in, it’ll make the process a lot smoother. We hope these tips were helpful, now you’re ready to decorate your dream space, no matter your style, budget or size of your space.

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