Decorate for less this season: best Christmas trees under $200

Let’s face it. Christmas time is magical and full of cheer but it’s also a very expensive time of year. From nice dinners to presents to decorations and maybe even time off work—this time of year can be hard on the budget. Not to mention the financial state of the country right now, many people are struggling financially. That fact has inspired us to put out this blog post so that we can help you decorate for less this holiday season.

We get it. Unemployment rates are high, the world is uncertain, and people are thinking about finances more than ever. We empathize and are right there with you. That’s why here at Nearly Natural, we make it our mission to help our customers purchase quality yet affordable artificial plants, flowers and trees. We are here for you and if you haven’t noticed by now, here on our blog, we aim to inspire you when it comes to all aspects of interior décor. Explore the best artificial Christmas trees under $200 and watch your holidays light up no matter your lifestyle.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t turn your home into a winter wonderland this year. There are plenty of ways to do it affordably. So, keep reading and don’t miss out on decorating for Christmas this year just because you’re on a budget!

$20 bills under a green Christmas present

Why Are Artificial Trees More Economical Than Real Trees?

As you can imagine, here at Nearly Natural, we are obsessed with artificial plants, flowers and trees. Believe it or not, artificial trees are more economical than real trees. The logic behind that is really simple. Fake Christmas trees last for at least 10 years, so they are a one time only investment. If you take care of your tree, it will look amazing for years to come.

Many artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit saving you the cost of buying Christmas lights to adorn your tree with. Just another reason why artificial trees are more economical than real trees!

Top 15 Trees Under $200

Many people think that if they’re on a budget, they can only afford a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But we are here to tell you that you can afford a big beautiful tree this year!

Check out our consumers’ favorite fake Christmas trees that are under $200. The best part is that they’re so realistic, your house guests will mistake your faux tree for a real tree. Your lack of a green thumb and budget can be our little secret…

Create a traditional Christmas scene in your home or office with the help of this artificial Christmas tree; entirely maintenance-free, this artificial Christmas tree boasts a robust silhouette made of realistic looking greenery with 1125 easy-to-bend branches, perfect for showcasing all your holiday ornaments and decorative accents such as ribbons and DIY crafts.

Sold out

This tree is great if you want a classic Christmas. To make it a little unique, it comes with pinecones on it and is pre-lit with neutral white lights. Complete a traditional Christmas scene with the help of this easy and effortless artificial Rocky Mountain Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree! Easy to build and completely maintenance-free, this realistic looking Christmas tree boasts a rich collection of evergreen foliage made up of 308 bendable branches that showcase your ornaments.

Sold out

Complete a traditional Christmas setting in your home or office with the help of this artificial Christmas tree; entirely maintenance-free, this artificial Christmas tree boasts a full silhouette made of realistic looking pine greenery with 586 easy-to-bend branches, to help you save time this faux Christmas tree comes prelit with LED lights.

Sold out

Transform your home into an enchanting winter wonderland with this flocked Artificial Christmas Tree. If you dream of a white Christmas, these artificial trees are designed to mimic the texture and foliage of real trees with their upward sloping branches that can easily house mini ornaments. Complement with a matching wreath and garland.

Sold out

Incorporate seasonal evergreens into your decor scheme this holiday - even in the tightest spaces! - with the help of this artificial Christmas tree. Entirely maintenance free, it features a slim, tight silhouette made up of mountain pine greenery with 1188 easy-to-bend branches for showcasing all your holiday ornaments

Sold out

Love Christmas and Fall? Combine your love for both with this Artificial Christmas Tree. Inspired by the fall foliage, display your festive cheer a little early this year and add decorations on any of the 1298 bendable branches. Pre-strung with 50 LED lights, set your home aglow after a chilly day.

Sold out

Have a berry merry Christmas with the help of this frosted Swiss Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. Inspired by nature, this robust silhouette mimics the real natural foliage and texture found in their European counterparts with snow in the easy-to-bend branches. Arriving pre-strung with 100 clear LED lights for a warm, candle-like glow.

Sold out

Create a picture-perfect Christmas this year with the help of this flocked artificial Christmas tree. This winter-inspired Christmas tree boasts robust tiers of realistic looking foliage made up of 696 easy-to-bend branches for showcasing ornaments, accented throughout with faux pinecones that look incredibly lifelike and finished with a light dusting of faux snow.

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Create the ultimate winter wonderland scene in your home or office with the help of this flocked artificial Christmas tree! Completely maintenance-free, this winter-inspired fake Christmas tree boasts an array of soft looking pine foliage, all beautifully flocked with a snow-like effect throughout its bendable branches that look incredibly lifelike.

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Get into the seasonal spirit this holiday with the help of this artificial Christmas tree. Completely maintenance-free, this realistic looking artificial Christmas tree boasts a robust silhouette of seasonal evergreens made up of 669 bendable branch tips for decorating with your own personalized ornaments and any holiday ribbon.

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A prelit green artificial christmas tree

How to Decorate Your Tree on a Budget

Christmas ornaments and lights can drain your budget really fast. Don’t let this deter you from getting a Christmas tree this year. Here are a few ways to have a Christmas tree and decorations at an affordable cost:

  • Buy your decorations from the thrift store—they have a ton of good quality ornaments and lights for really cheap
  • Ask your friends and family if they have extra Christmas tree decorations laying around, you’d be surprised at how many people still have decorations they don’t use anymore
  • Purchase a tree that comes with pinecones and lights as we mentioned earlier in this post as these types of trees don’t require a lot of extra decorations
  • Make your own ornaments this year and as a plus, it’s a great way to bond with your family
  • Ribbon is cheap and looks great on Christmas trees

Why Nearly Natural?

Nearly Natural is a pioneer in quality yet affordable artificial Christmas trees under $200. Our brand was actually started by a horticulturalist who had an affinity for creating plants, flowers and trees that look exactly like the real thing. His talent and attention to detail has transcended time and shows in the faux Christmas tree that you purchase this holiday season.

We believe in our products so much that we offer free shipping and hassle-free returns so that you can find the perfect tree for your home.

You can trust us to be your partner in all things Christmas trees this holiday season!

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