Unique Outdoor Flower Arrangements for The Gardener - Valentine's Gift Guide

Buying that perfect Valentine's day gifts for the gardener can be a bit difficult. As the saying goes, "you reap what you grow," and sometimes it's best to join team faux when growing a verdant garden. Because the reality is – the weather in most of the US makes it difficult to develop certain types of plants and trees in harsh climates. But when looking to impress your beloved, think about stunning arrangement ideas for Valentine's, that can thrive in any environment. If you're scared they'll think fake plants are tacky, it's important to note that one of the best ways to make artificial plants look more natural is by mixing them with real ones.

Feel confident in your fake plant present, at Nearly Natural we have 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry to capture mother nature's beauty at every stem, branch, and trunk. Our silk flowers grace the covers of glossy magazines, home of social media influencers and interior designers. You can now gift your loved one a high-quality silk flower and plant to enhance the beauty of their garden. No matter the style or size of their garden, there's always room to add vibrant greenery. Explore our top Valentine's day flowers safe for outdoor use and watch as their space comes to life.

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Vivacious, cleft flowers give this Geranium arrangement a burst of color. Rounded green and rimmed brown leaves are handcrafted with authentic detail. The white metal planter provides the arrangement with an antique look. Place in a patio in the center of an outdoor dining table and watch as this arrangement comes to life. Safe for outdoor use, feel free to decorate with other greens that need a bit more color. Because geraniums are tropical, to get the most help out of these silk flowers, we recommend adding them to a garden where geraniums aren't typically able to thrive.

This will help them add some color to the garden and put a smile on your loved ones face. Give them the gift of faux greenery and watch their garden grow into their dream oasis – no green thumb required. As far as Valentine's day gifts go, this is a great choice.

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Realistic foliage sits underneath numerous soft and vibrant blossoms with this geranium artificial plant. You can settle this piece inside your home or outdoors with its UV-resistant material. If you want to place it outdoors, it can be used as a centerpiece for your patio's dining table. Be sure to pair it with glass lanterns for a dramatic finish. It even comes with a trendy, traditional-patterned vase for an elevated and surprising look.

Because geraniums don't grow in many climates, we love this choice because of its planter. This style of vase has become more popular due to cottagecore and grand millennial design styles – as more people feel nostalgic for better days of visiting grandma's house. Skip the hassle of finding the perfect vessel, as the trendy one is already included and makes for perfect Valentine's day gift to surprise your loved one.

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Incorporate serious coloring throughout everyday spaces with this artificial geranium plant flaunting a collection of intricate little floral nestled amidst vibrant green leaves peeping out from underneath - all of which is UV resistant, making it a great accent for both indoor and outdoor space. Contained in an accompanying planter, this 17" tall plant would beautify spaces wherever displayed. We love this medium-sized geranium because it complements rooms of varying sizes.

Consider adding multiple silk flowers of different sizes, preferably in odd numbers, to deliver a designer-curated touch for an elevated look and feel. Also, consider mixing and matching different colored ones for a more cohesive and vibrant touch and in varying heights with similar vases.

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Colors are bold and are meant to draw the eye. Equipped with several blooms, it'll be hard to miss this statement piece. Green foliage complements the vibrant flowers and adds volume to the artificial geranium hanging basket. Stop looking for the perfect Valentine's day gift; the ideal one is here waiting for you. Crafted from high-quality materials by horticulturists with 75 years of experience, all of our faux plants are tested for quality to ensure they look as lifelike as possible.

This Valentine's Day 2022 gift is the perfect present for that nature lover and puts a smile on their face. No matter the garden's budget, style, or size, this gift will make their day. Check out our flowers puns for fun ideas to add to an accompanying card, the best form of love is always laughter.

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