What is a Good Valentine’s Day Gift?

This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your affection and remind your partner of your love and adoration. It's important that we do not miss this once in a year opportunity to create a unique gift that is extraordinarily romantic or especially cute. There is no other time of the year where we are allowed to make such a wild display of love and affection while throwing caution to the wind. To make this year’s Valentine’s Day exceptional, it is essential to choose the correct present. The right present is one that makes a big impact on your beloved’s heart. Pick something that will be memorable for a long time to come and that will invoke a playful and positive reaction in a lasting way. There are a few ways to do this, and there is always an appropriate offering for every situation. Whether it is crazy cute, intimate and romantic, or personal and moving, the possibilities are endless. Muster the courage to spark a new relationship or surprise your long time lover. Every Valentine’s Day is a precious moment of our lives, so let’s make the most out of it.

How to Choose a Valentine’s Gift

Though the process of choosing a Valentine’s Day gift might seem like a daunting task in some situations, it is easier than you might think. Do not be afraid to utilize age-old classics such as flower bouquets and baskets of roses. Just don't forget to bring a new concept into the mix. These tried and true ideas have stood the test of time for a reason. A vital aspect of your decision making is to choose something that is original and relevant to your own individual relationship. It doesn’t have to be about how much you spend or how extravagant you can be. It’s all about the emotion and energy that you put into the gift because that is what will be felt by your loved one. Take the time to stimulate your creativity and bring entirely new and unique ideas into the world with a cute and romantic twist.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Valentine's Gift

  1. Think About What They Like

    Take a moment to try and remember what they have been talking about or admiring lately. Maybe they have been looking at pictures online or getting into a certain show lately. If they aren’t thinking or talking about Valentine’s Day then the element of surprise will be even easier to attain. Just a little bit of research could create a big difference in what you choose.
  2. Speak to friends and family

    There is no better way to get inside information about your Valentine than to talk to your loved one’s closest confidants. When you tell them you are trying to plan the best Valentine’s Day gift ever, they will likely be very compliant to your goals. This way you can acquire completely new information and ideas that will be sure to absolutely shock your dear giftee. Make your Valentine ask, “How did you know!”
  3. Make it Personal

    While a traditional Valentine’s Day gift is always powerful, it is essential to add an individualized touch. If you give a bouquet of roses, make sure that you add something distinctive into the package. Hide their favorite chocolate bar in the bouquet or at the bottom of a basket to add another layer of discovery that they will not be expecting.
  4. Be Creative

    Bring a homemade and DIY(Do It Yourself) element to your Valentine’s Day surprise by thinking outside the box. If you open up your mind, this can actually be very fun. Draw your own picture inside of your card to charm him or her with extra cuteness or make a small origami swan or heart. Even if you consider yourself to be a poor drawer there is no excuse because that will make it even more adorable and authentic! The possibilities are endless. Think of this as your time to enjoy yourself and build something from your heart in an innocent and spontaneous way.
  5. Connect to your Heart

    To truly create beauty, we must act from a heart centered space. The first step to connect with someone else’s heart is to establish ourselves within our own heart. Take this moment to pause and reflect on what makes your heart throb when you have loving, intimate and romantic moments. Feel this love and you will naturally come up with an incredible way to make this Valentine’s Day special and unforgettable.
  6. Presentation is Paramount

    Even if you do all of the above, do not overlook the importance of a beautiful presentation. This is the icing on top of the Valentine’s cake that will tie all of these concepts together into the final masterpiece. Make a neat and tidy display of all that you have lovingly put together to create the ultimate Valentine’s moment to remember forever.

Give the Gift of Nature

One of the greatest gifts to give is one that shows your affection in a genuine way combined with the innate beauty of nature. Low maintenance, affordable and hypoallergenic, imitation plants fit this role better than any other. For the same price as a typical flower bouquet, a faux version will be guaranteed to arrive unwilted and always look freshly picked for years to come, unlike their delicate counterpart. Not to mention the sheer amount of energy that is required for cold storage and growing. Nearly Natural delivers the highest quality of imitation plants by expertly mimicking natural symmetry and texture to a degree that is often indistinguishable from real plants. Using a variety of natural materials ranging from silk to porcelain, we create lasting additions to your home and garden that can beautify any aspect of your living spaces.

3 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Nearly Natural Southwest Collection

Southwest Collection

This three piece set is perfect for a man who could use the uplifting atmosphere of natural light without the flowers. With three different kinds of the Agave plant, the simple symmetry of this trio can bring a taste of the arid desert beauty right into his own room. The perfect gift for any who love wild western themes or just the relaxing effect of the outdoors. Spread these out in any space to completely transform and uplift your decor.

Bromeliad with Clear Vase

Travel back to the Jurassic time with this ancient artifact of the Bromeliad family. With the sturdy appearance of a succulent and the resemblance of a pretty flower, this balanced arrangement can comfortably fit into any room’s theme. Soft, light colored river pebbles immersed in realistic Liquid Illusion water further accentuate the sense of alfresco. Standing one foot tall, this special addition to your home is small enough to be well suited for any table or mantle, while still being a noticeable contribution.

Nearly Natural Bromeliad with Clear Vase
Nearly Natural Agave in Decorative Planter

Agave in Decorative Planter

Thick, deep green leaves resting on a bed of soft moss create a stunning centerpiece fit for a king. This 14 inch Agave stands as a testament to the elegance of southwestern succulents that is sure to impress even the most macho of husbands or boyfriends. As a regal and respectable piece, it is fitting to be the center of attention anywhere it is placed. Build your ornamentation around this grand object to inspire your interior design themes. Make it stand out on a wooden table or lightly colored tablecloth or placemat.

3 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Silk Phalaenopsis with Glass Vase

This auspicious member of the orchid collection stands 18 inches tall to remind your lady of the magnitude of your love. With bright and light colors from top to bottom, this display of classic floral elegance can bring serenity to your living space for years to come. This piece exemplifies balance as it sits in a clear, round glass filled with larger stones. Declare your flavor of affection with two fabulous color options.

Nearly Natural Silk Phalaenopsis with Glass Vase
Nearly Natural Rose Arrangement in Rounded Vase

Rose Arrangement in Rounded Vase

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more clearly than a bunch of roses. Seated in a plump, rounded glass vase this arrangement brings a soft and loving message in combination with an adorable circle of small roses. A huge variety of color options makes this choice one the most versatile rose arrangements in the collection. Shower her with a rose of every color or show your passionate romance with a full ring of dark red. A set of white roses can add a more innocent touch and send her the message that you admire her beauty.

Mini Phalaenopsis Set on Coral

If any of you are missing the beach at this time of the year, this arrangement will bring you right back to the sunshine covered coral reefs we long for. An abundant family of small orchids intermingle and celebrate on top of this island of coral, bringing the laid back vibes of the tropics to a table near you. The beautiful roots of the orchid are exposed, giving a rare opportunity to see how these beautiful beings hold on to their home.

Nearly Natural Mini Phalaenopsis Set on Coral

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