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Decorate Using Artificial Christmas Trees


The holidays are the busiest time of the year and no one needs the added stress that comes with a live Christmas tree.

Here at Nearly Natural, fake Christmas trees are one of our top selling products because the quality of our trees looks completely natural. And better yet, you can reuse your tree every year.

The key to finding the right Christmas tree for your home or patio is to find a tree that looks completely real. And here at Nearly Natural, our products are designed to look like real trees.  


Why Fake is Better Than Real

There are numerous reasons why we believe artificial trees are better than real trees. Just to name a few:  

1. Easier to maintain as they only need an occasional light dusting

2. Great for people who have pets that would get into a real tree and make a mess

3. They are more cost effective because they can be reused every year

4. The branches can be bent and formed according to the space you put your tree in


Why Choose Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural was started by a horticulturalist who knew trees, flowers and plants really well and crafted products that looked completely life like. These values that founded Nearly Natural show in all of the products that we create. In fact, we stand behind our products so much that we offer free shipping and hassle free returns so that you can find the perfect tree for your space.  


Our Top Fake Christmas Trees

If you’re in the market for a fake Christmas tree, look no further than Nearly Natural. Here are some of our best sellers in a variety of sizes so that you can find a tree that fits the size of space that you have.


Christmas Tree with Golden Planter and Clear Lights

This option is great for small spaces like on a table top. The festive Christmas tree with golden planter and clear lights features over 50 lights and comes with a golden planter adding a bit of elegance. 

Royal Grand Christmas Tree with Clear Lights

Standing seven and a half feet tall, the royal grand Christmas tree with clear lights is accurately named because it’s the king of all Christmas trees. With over 1,400 branches, this tree is ready for ornaments of all shapes and sizes. It comes complete with lights so that you don’t have to worry about taking tangled strands of lights out every season. 

Christmas Tree with Clear Lights and Decorative Planter

This mid-sized Christmas tree is great for any room in your home or office and doesn’t take up a ton of room. This lush option has 275 branches and instantly brings a touch of the holidays into your space. The Christmas tree with clear lights and decorative planter arrives ready to be decorated.