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Did you know? Nearly Natural was established by Anita Singer, an interior decorator with over 40 years of experience in the silk floral industry. She spent her childhood in the garden with her horticulturist father, who happens to have species of plants named after him. Today we celebrate her and all the women around the world.

Anita's Favorite Silk Flowers


Have you ever wondered about which of our designs were favored by our earliest employees. Here we have a selection of the favorite items of Anita Singer –our co-founder. She started our company with her horticulturist father at its inception, and developed a fondness for some of our most evocative faux blossoms. Anita preferred a mix of different types and colors, and her choices seem to feature lavish blooms like peonies, orchids, and hydrangeas. Despite the passing of 75 years, the stellar quality of her choices remains just as stellar.

Our Founders' Favorites

Here at Nearly Natural, we know how our silk trees make most people feel. There’s something about leaning against the sturdy trunk of a tree and relaxing as its canopy of leaves blocks the sunshine and creates a blanket of shade. We know there are few experiences that can match this, for a sense pf tranquility. At Nearly Natural, we take our time and make certain the bark of our trees resembles the bark of the trees’ natural counterparts. You might seldom refer to a tree trunk as “comfortable,” but you’ll feel that “soul comfort” when seated beside the artificial trunk of one of our artificial trees.

Anita's Favorite Room

Although the living room is the ideal gathering place, we all know there’s lots of gathering happening in our kitchens, too. While we are cooking, or prepping the ingredients for baking there is lots of lively conversation around the table. The kitchen is a perfect place to display a bright and cheerful artificial flower, plant, or garland to add to or augment the mood. We recommend food-related greenery like olive wreaths or lemon trees. You might also want to choose a rosemary bush or a bowl of fake artichokes. You might also want to encourage harmony with an agave plant or a mixture of winter foliage.

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