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Artificial Boston Fern Plants


Our collection of Boston Ferns invites you to join in their exuberance. They look like a cluster of bright green energy. It is one of the world’s most popular types of house plant. Many love its lush green fronds. Boston Ferns are thought of as a symbol of perseverance, and are a frequent choice for those who want an inspiring image for a tattoo. However, if you’re looking for a unique version of Boston Ferns, you may prefer our fall varieties of ferns, with rustic oxblood and tangerine spray of fronds. You might also enjoy our three-tiered wall planter with a mixture of ferns and flowers.

Sprigs of Spontaneous Fronds

Here at Nearly Natural, we know you don’t always know what you’re looking for when you come to visit our website. You may already know the stellar quality of our fake trees, plants, flowers or arrangements. But you may not know what kind of silk tree will fit your particular garden plan. You may have a rough idea of the type of flower you seek yet not be able to remember its name. You may want to ask which of our items pair best with a natural bloom in your garden. That’s why we have trained professional customer service staff. Give them a call with your questions.

The Perfect Office Plant

How does your garden grow? Is it brimming with colorful plants or flowers? Is your yard a place with lots of trees? Are there shady places to give you rest and relaxation? If not, you may want to add a few of our faux trees, plants, or flowers to your landscape. We have many trees, flowering plants and flowers that are UV-resistant. They’ll mix right in with your natural plants and blooms, or fill in the spaces where your spirit says you need a piece of greenery. Look at the bushes in your yard. If there’s a space missing, fill it in with one of our topiaries.

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