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Faux Melon Plants


Many of the plants we offer at Nearly Natural are so lovely; you wouldn’t guess they have another function. Many people who love fruit and melons don’t get to see how beautiful their plants can be. At Nearly Natural, we offer three varieties of melon plants. We have two mini-melon plants, with sprawling, maroon-tinged leaves. We also offer a hanging basket holding a watermelon plant. This plant has wide, white-striped leaves and looks more like a green peppermint than a watermelon plant. All our plants are designed by experienced horticulturists to look and feel just like their natural counterparts. Our mission is to exceed your expectations.

Outdoor Plants

At Nearly Natural, we design some of our plants specifically to be safe when displayed outdoors. We know many of our customers buy our artificial trees and plants to fill in bare spots in their gardens or to add accents to their landscaping. So, we have created a line of UV-resistant plants that are perfect to withstand all weather conditions. Each of those silk plants and trees looks very much like their natural counterparts. We offer a very large variety of these plants intended for outdoor settings. You could choose something as mundane as a boxwood topiary or a dracaena plant.

An Array of Melon Plants

If you have a small room and want it to feel larger, we recommend choosing a fake plant from Nearly Natural. Although you may want to buy and bring home many of our wonderful faux flowers or trees, place most of them in another room. To make your tiny room seem wider, choose either one large plant with a wide spread of leaves, like a sansevieria or palm plant - or three very small, bright flower arrangements. For this purpose; the smaller the petals; the better. Place all those flowers on the same side of the room - or use small shelves to allow the flowers to ascend a wall.

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