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Faux Orange Trees


If you love oranges, (and who doesn’t?) you’ll love our artificial orange trees. From their perfectly painted leaves to the bright orange bursts of color in the faux fruit, you’ll swear these trees are the real deal. The stunningly vibrant orange trees in our catalog are 38 inches tall, and each of the trees includes beautiful pure white orange blossoms as well as true-to-life fruits. Cheer up a lonely corner in any home. These would be the perfect decoration for a farmhouse living room. Please note: These trees are for indoor use only.

So Real; You'll Expect Juice!

A Nearly Natural tree is a joy to own. Not only is it trouble-free to maintain, but it will also bring its authentic beauty to the same place in your home every day, without fail. It’s a solid source of natural inspiration, and it may become the cornerstone of your garden or yard. We invite you to browse our catalog and find a tree - or two, or even three! - to brighten your available spaces. While you’re looking for trees, we imagine you’ll also find an abundance of fascinating and attractive flowers and plants. Rest assured; our quality and dedication to authenticity will be present in those items, too.

Get A Grove Of Goodness

Do you love the color orange, or just enjoy the taste of fresh orange juice? Imagine how it would brighten your backyard or garden with some of our beautiful artificial orange trees. Be sure to measure the spaces where you’d like to plant your faux orange grove, and then order your orange trees in confidence. Each day when you pass them, the bright orange globes will bring you cheer and brighten your yard or garden. All of our faux trees, plants, and blossoms require minimal maintenance to keep them looking just as natural as they did on day one.

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