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Fake Pandanus Plants

A pandanus plant looks a great deal like a palm tree, with its long spatulate leaves. In its native Southeast Asia, it is nicknamed the Pandan, the Screw Palm or the Screw Pine, and it bears a bright orange fruit that resembles a pinecone. The fruit of the pandanus is edible; sometimes made into a tasty paste. The fruits of the pandanus only grow on the female version of the tree, while the male tree bears fragrant flowers. Some believe the tree symbolizes group harmony, and many groups in that region choose to meet near the places where the trees grow.

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    At Nearly Natural, we use the most up-to-date artificial materials available to make our faux plants, trees, and flowers. We ensure our inventory remains authentic by sending our staff around the world twice a year. On our travels, we seek out the newest materials to make our fake greenery, and we also look for new and exciting items to add to our inventory. We also utilize a scrupulous examination process before shipping our merchandise, where we inspect our items for visual and textural authenticity. We know you shop with us because you’ve learned to depend on our exemplary products and customer service, and we want to keep that trust.

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    If you’re decorating a large room, and you want it to feel more intimate, you can utilize the faux trees and plants from Nearly Natural to make that happen. The first thing to do is flank the corners of the room with tall silk trees. Trees with a disparate expanse of light-colored leaves give the illusion that the guests are being gathered into the center of the room. A ficus, a bamboo tree, or any of our palms will fit the bill. After that, choosing a group of identical small plants and placing them at the same level around the room will help to make complete the illusion of shrinking the room.

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