2020 Artificial Outdoor Trees Collection

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A Guide to Purchasing Fake Outdoor Trees


Want to add some greenery to your outdoor space but lack the green thumb or sunlight needed to grow real trees? Then look no further than this collection where we will tell you everything you need to know about purchasing fake outdoor trees. When opting for artificial trees, it’s crucial that you pick the right one. You’ll know the right tree when you see it because it will look just like the real deal. Here at Nearly Natural, we pride ourselves on the fact that our plants, flowers and trees look just like the real thing.


Why Fake Outdoor Trees are a Great Choice

There are many reasons why faux outdoor trees are a great choice and just to name a few:

· They don’t need to be watered

· They’re extremely easy to maintain

· They’re cost effective because they don’t need to be replaced

· They stay looking luscious and beautiful all year long


How to Maintain Your Outdoor Tree 

Maintaining your artificial outdoor tree is a breeze. Simply dust it off every few months and then once a year, use a small paintbrush or toothbrush to clean in the crevices. So easy and these steps will keep your tree looking gorgeous all year long!


What Makes Nearly Natural a Great choice

Nearly Natural was actually founded by a horticulturalist who knew plants, trees and flowers better than your average person. He used his knowledge to create products that looked just like the real thing. These values have been passed down and show in every product that Nearly Natural creates.

We actually believe in our products so much that we offer free shipping and hassle free returns so that you can find the perfect tree for your space.


Our Top Selling Outdoor Trees


Cycas Tree

This tree will remind you of the jungle and look great in your outdoor space. It’s UV resistant so the leaves don’t fade in the sunlight. The cycas tree has a beautiful trunk that explodes into luscious green fronds.

Cedar Spiral Silk Tree

The cedar spiral silk tree stands at 6 feet high and is a gorgeous spiral shape. It is UV resistant so it’s 1,800 beautiful leaves won’t fade in the sun. It will be a stunning addition to wherever you decide to put it in your outdoor space.

Cedar Tree Silk Tree

This beautiful tree will remind you of camping or hiking. The cedar silk tree is a perfect option for any size outdoor space because it doesn’t take up a lot of room.