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Faux Tropical Plants


Whenever you think of a tropical destination, the word “paradise” comes to mind. And, while the heavenly weather and the friendly citizens of that area are part of why people flock to that area for vacations, the natural splendor of the tropics is conveyed through its foliage. At Nearly Natural, you can bring the tropics home with some affordable artificial plants, flowers, or trees. Palm trees or palm plants are the obvious way to bring that ambiance home – and we have plenty of types of palms to convey that message. You can browse our catalog for many items available on our “tropical plants” page.

Enjoy Tropical Splendor

Nearly Natural is the real deal. We not only strive to exceed your expectations by the quality of our merchandise, but we also take that pride a step further. Our dedicated customer service staff is always ready to answer your questions, address your concerns or give you suggestions as to what you might choose for a gift. They know the types of artificial trees, plants, or flowers to fit in a specific room type size, and they know exactly how to plan a party with a large order of our lush and lovely greenery. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Let Tropical Leaves Bring You Joy

When we decorate our homes or offices, what message are we trying to convey? Maybe you just choose things that speak to your soul, but every element of your decorative style also speaks to each person who lives in or visits your home or office. At Nearly Natural, we encourage you to look at your current décor and ask yourself what message it is sending. If you want to extend a welcome, consider some fake trees or hanging plant baskets. If you want to add a sense of affection to a child’s room or to your guest's room, a plant or flower may be your choice.

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