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Faux Landscaping Trees


Landscaping involves a master plan to let your yard or property tell a story. The way you allow your lawn to grow; your garden to flourish, and the trees and other greenery to embellish your story. At Nearly Natural, we want to be part of that story. We offer trees like boxwoods and bamboo; or living walls in several sizes. We recommend the 3’x3’ living wall of silk greens and ferns, or a set of four rosemary wall mats. Instead of mats, you might prefer an expandable fence made from faux podocarpus. You might also enjoy choosing beautiful fake flowers, such as bright violet geraniums.

The Perfect Landscaping Accents

At Nearly Natural, we design some of our plants specifically to be safe when displayed outdoors. We know many of our customers buy our artificial trees and plants to fill in bare spots in their gardens or to add accents to their landscaping. So, we have created a line of UV-resistant plants that are perfect to withstand all weather conditions. Each of those silk plants and trees looks very much like their natural counterparts. We offer a very large variety of these plants intended for outdoor settings. You could choose something as mundane as a boxwood topiary or a dracaena plant.

Make Your Yard a Showpiece

Do you cherish the view from your living room window? In other words, when you look at your yard, is it the way you’d like it to be? Do you wish you had a few more trees – or that your lawn didn’t have those bald spots? You can remedy those problems by purchasing artificial trees or faux lawn carpets from Nearly Natural. We offer many types of U/V resistant trees or plants, as well as different sizes of silk lawn patches to augment your lawn. Your yard should look exactly as you dream it should– and we are ready to help you make that come true.

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